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I am incredibly grateful my family. My parents and siblings have all been extremely influential in my life. As for my father, I realize that many women are not as fortunate to have one who has been and is currently so actively involved in shaping their lives. My father has been a great example to his family and friends.  He has not just been an example with what he says, but what he does. These ways of life and words of wisdom, many of which are rooted in his strong conservative principles, have been of utmost importance to me, and are core concepts that would be beneficial to pass on to other young conservatives like myself.

1) Education is key

My dad went to college for 16 years. Honestly, I have no idea how he did it, because I know I never could. His extensive education paid off, though–he’s been the CFO of several companies and has been incredibly successful in his careers. My father studied a wide variety of topics within his field of interest.  All of which have come to benefit him in the future. He also educated himself through experience. No job was beneath him; he was a janitor and warehouse worker as a young college student. Gaining work experience in any capacity is of value. It gives a person knowledge of how both the work force and real world operate. Experiential education and classic schooling are both of great value, and my dad can testify to that.

2) Fiscal responsibility

This one might just be every conservative’s favorite. One of the most important things my father ingrained into my family is that we must be responsible with our money. When I was about 10 years old, he started holding “finance classes” for my sisters and me every week. He taught us the very basics of saving and spending, how to calculate our net worth, and so on. The concepts were extremely simple, but nonetheless applicable; they are concepts that I still remember, use, and will continue to implement in the future. From these little lessons, I learned that I should remain careful with my spending and that hard-earned money is valuable to the one who worked for it (and the government should not tax it all).

3) Always give back

It is no secret that conservatives are typically more charitable than liberals, so this is a concept conservatives everywhere can remember and hold tight to. It seems pretty simple: give some money, a little time. But my father taught me how to give. He always gives with a cheerful heart, because he wants to. There’s no purpose to giving if you resent what you gave. My father didn’t just give money, but he gave his time and dedication, despite his hectic work schedule. There is always time to give back, and for my dad, it was reserving time to give back wholeheartedly to the Lord. He demonstrated that giving is a way of life, through service and monetary funds to the people who need it.

4) Be humble

Despite being involved in the corporate world for years and being surrounded by people of poor character and inflamed egos, my father has never once mirrored their bravado. The arrogance of the people around him has had no bearing on his actions. Throughout my entire life, I have never seen him act as though he is above anyone else, no matter who he is with or what he has achieved. Humility permeates every aspect of his life, and it makes me proud to say that this lesson is one he’s taught me not just through words, but by example.

5) “There’s a difference between doing things, and doing things right.”

My father instilled this into my sisters and me. This is probably on his top favorites list of quotes he’s made up, and he does not let us forget it. Not just because he never stops saying it (and I mean never), but because he lives this out. My dad worked tirelessly for the positions he has held in his career, and in absolutely everything he’s done, he has done it well. He never took the shortcut, but did what needed to be done to get the best results. He never compromised his integrity, and always stuck to his convictions.

I cannot thank my dad enough for all he has taught me.  These five simple ideas only scratch the surface. He has fully embraced core conservative principles like the importance of hard work, responsibility, and strong character–timeless lessons that everyone can learn from.

Liana I.
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Liana is a follower of Christ and current communications student at Fairleigh Dickinson University. She enjoys writing, reading, and serving others.

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