As college students and young adults, we are at the point in the semester where we have our last big exams, projects, and assignments before it comes to a close. With all the deadlines and assignments, sometimes we can get lost in business and never realize how great the smallest elements make our life. College is a balance.  During this time in the semester, it can quickly be lost by making our schedules too full to realize the beauty of each passing day.

The five ideas listed below are ways to add elements of simple spontaneity to boost relationships with others, as well as your own well-being.

1) Call, don’t text, a friend or relative you have not talked to recently

This simple gesture allows you to check-in with a relationship that you may have cast aside during your busy week. Talking to someone whom you value makes for an act of genuine kindness. It shows that you actually wanted to check in with them and see how they were doing. You can gain a different perspective on various issues that make you more stressed than necessary. It is always helpful to talk to others that know you better than you know yourself. In an age where the screen supersedes the action of talking, calling a special friend or relative can go a long way.

2) Take a long drive on a country road with a friend

Recently, I went on a drive on country roads with a dear friend of mine. During our drive we listened to Mumford & Sons and the Head & the Heart.  We talked about ways to maximize our time in college and in life. Throughout the course of the drive, I realized the clear sky and the beautiful colors of the fall leaves. True beauty is everywhere, but it often is not recognized as we hurry from classes to meetings to dinner. A long drive with a friend can make you stop and appreciate the true wonder and awe this world has to offer.

3) Go to a hole-in-the wall coffee shop or restaurant

Discovering a local coffee shop or restaurant can serve as a great place to decompress, study, or grab your favorite snack. By exploring a new place, you can gain a greater appreciation for the world outside your college bubble. In addition, it never hurts to support local businesses that offer their own unique flavor.

4) Challenge yourself to try a new fitness class or running route

Working out is another great way to take a study break and burn off bad energy. By working out, you take time for you as well as time to think. Sometimes, the same workout routine becomes too predictable. A way I like to fix this is to mix up my running route by exploring new trails or by going to different fitness classes.

5) Journal about a day that was special to you

Take time at the end of the day to journal about different aspects of your day that made it special. This could be as simple as a smile from a stranger or talking to a professor about a great idea for a research project. Journals also serve as a great memory vault for you to look back on as to what days and events made you fulfilled.

I wrote this article because I felt that I was not truly enjoying the little things every day. When you do not take the time to appreciate each passing day, you lose a day that you could have seen the beauty in. Allow yourself to take and make time for one activity that can help you to de-stress as well as expand your horizons.

Lucy E
FFL Contributor
When I am not eating Jif Peanut Butter or talking to others about politics you can find me with my nose in a good book or trying to finish One Tree Hill. America is the best country in the world and red, white, and blue is one of the best color combos known to (wo)man.

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