It is officially 2016 and for many of us that means making New Year’s resolutions! Some of you may want to become more politically active this year, but are not really sure where to start. Here are 6 simple things that you can do throughout the year to be more involved with politics:

1) Register to vote–and actually vote!

Now that it’s finally 2016, election season is here and it’s time to start thinking about a new president! Make sure you’re registered to vote so that you can get to the polls on all election days. Voting is extremely important so that your voice is heard, whether that be for presidential or local elections!

2) Do your research

Constantly reading up on current issues and events, as well as what’s going on with political candidates, will definitely make you a better activist.

3) Apply to be a contributor/writer

This is one of the best things you can do to be more politically active. It is a perfect way for your conservative voice to be heard when you don’t think anyone is listening. You will also get the chance to connect with like-minded people and possibly meet some life-long friends in the process. This is also a great step if you think that writing is a career path you want to pursue.

4) Attend a conference

Attending political conferences is an exciting and fun way to learn more about the world around you and the GOP. You can meet other people who are as passionate as you are about politics. An example of this is CPAC, which is March 2-5, 2015. FFL will be there!

5) Join a student organization on campus, or start your own

Joining an organization such as College Republicans or Turning Point USA is another way to meet people on campus that share your views and it’s a great way to get your voice out there on your own campus. If there aren’t any at your school, start your own chapter! There are bound to be other students that are just as passionate as you are.

6) Don’t be afraid to voice your opinion

This is the most important thing to work on in 2016. Never let anyone make you feel like you can’t voice how you feel on any issue – whether that be on social media, in the classroom, or with your friends and family. Be confident in your views and don’t let anyone tell you that you’re wrong for having an opinion!

Jessica M
FFL Contributor
Jessica is a student at Shippensburg University pursuing a bachelor’s in Public Relations. She is a lover of all things pink & sparkly, going to church every Sunday morning, puppies & pigs, and Netflix binges. She is fiercely patriotic and hopes to have another president like Ronald Reagan. She has a southern state of mind and plans on moving to the South someday!

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