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Political pundit, Daily Wire editor-in-chief, and podcaster Ben Shapiro announced on Monday that he would be hosting a new program on Fox News aimed at covering the 2018 midterm elections.

“The Ben Shapiro Election Special” will begin airing this coming Sunday, September 23rd and air for four weeks. Each Sunday, you can tune in from 8-9PM on Fox News Channel.

Each episode will feature Shapiro and a panel of guests discussing the week’s news and how it might affect the looming 2018 midterms.

A top programming official at Fox News released a statement saying “Ben is a rising star in conservative political commentary and we are excited to add his signature style and well thought out viewpoint to our pre-election weekend lineup.”

Shapiro released his own statement with the announcement, saying, “I am honored to partner with Fox News where we can provide in-depth analysis on the voting trends that will be leading the polls this November.”

The 2018 midterm elections are expected to be heated. Democrats want to start a “blue wave” with former President Barack Obama and former VP Joe Biden on the campaign trail for many candidates. On the other side, President Donald Trump is lending his endorsement to some Republicans in key toss-up races. Thirty three Senate seats are up for election in November and every House of Representatives seat is up as well. Thirty six states are also holding gubernatorial races. Many of those states, such as Connecticut and Florida, are races to watch as the polls go back and forth by the day.

For a little background, Shapiro became the nation’s youngest ever syndicated columnist at only 17. He holds a law degree from Harvard and has written over half a dozen books. Shapiro also frequently speaks about free speech on college campuses, which isn’t always met with joy by campus leftists. He has famously been banned from campuses and physically threatened while speaking.

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