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Are you one of the few women in your industry or major? Women are just as powerful as men are, especially in today’s world. If you think that you’re in a male-dominated world, keep reading this tips to figure out how to break through it. You might be surprised at just how much power you have. Don’t underestimate yourself. 

Don’t view yourself as being inferior to a man.

Men and women may physically be built differently, but a woman can still do anything that a man can do if she puts her mind to it. If you have the mindset that a man is stronger than you, then it will always seem that way. Be positive and confident. If you believe you can, then you will.

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Don’t assume that people won’t take you seriously just because you are a woman.

Men and women are equal under the law. That’s a fact, but unfortunately, there are still some sexists out there. There may be some people who will look right through you and people who won’t take you seriously… just because you’re a woman. However, you can’t assume that everyone is going to treat you that way. In fact, thinking that way will only lead to becoming your own worst enemy. Empower yourself. Always go into interviews, meetings, work, class, etc. with the mindset that people are going to treat you equally. This will give you confidence, and in turn, will show everyone that you are a strong woman you know you are.

Make sure your voice is being heard.

Getting noticed is the first step in getting ahead, so make sure you always speak up. Even if you are the only woman in a full conference room or meeting, let your opinion be heard too. There’s a reason you have a spot at that table. People want to hear what you have to say. 

Take advantage of an opportunity as much as you can.

Even the smallest opportunity can pave your way to success. Be sure to constantly network anywhere that you go. Apply for every internship that you can. Volunteer as often as possible. You never know what something can lead to.

Learn to be assertive, but not aggressive.

Respect has to be earned, not demanded. You can’t expect everyone to treat you with respect just because you are a woman. Life simply doesn’t work that way. Be assertive when trying to get ahead in the workplace and in life. Earn respect through your kindness, confidence, hard work, and accomplishments.

Develop a thick skin and keep your sense of humor.

Men tend to make dirty jokes and mess around with you, especially when they aren’t used to having women around. It’s important to remember that they’re just jokes, and not to let it get to you. It’s okay to joke around with them, too! Just remember that there is a difference between them just messing around and harassment. If you ever truly feel uncomfortable, don’t be afraid to stand up for yourself and/or tell someone.

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