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Chelsea Handler once again made headlines earlier this week following her promotion of a video shaming Sarah Huckabee Sanders for her appearance. The video was a mock “makeup tutorial” with Huckabee Sanders, in which a comedian by the name of Fortune Feimster impersonates the White House Press Secretary by mockingly applying makeup with a forced accent. Of course, though, this is perfectly acceptable because Sanders is a conservative. To many liberals and feminists, female empowerment only applies to women with which the left agrees.

Chelsea Handler has repeatedly touted her beliefs on women’s rights and equality. A feminist icon, Handler uses her platform to share her opinions about politics and women. She has condemned others for their lack of support for women. In fact, moments before her promotion of the video, she tweeted at Governor Mike Huckabee, Sanders’ father, about what a true “feminist” is, saying:

Handler continued on to tell the Governor that his daughter does not fit her description of a feminist. She also added that his daughter was a liar.

Do you see the irony, Ms. Handler? You boldly profess to be a feminist, shutting down another woman because of her failure to support other women, and then continue on to degrade her for her appearance. Rather than holding fast to your feminist principles of empowering women, it took you a matter of moments to completely abandon everything you claim to stand for and demean another woman for something as shallow as her looks. What kind of feminist are you? You decide that Sanders is a liar because of her behavior. What does that make you, who blatantly violated the feminist ideals you enforce up on others? I can tell you, Ms. Handler. It makes you the liar.

Ms. Handler, you can disagree with Sanders, even call her out on behavior that you hate, but it’s wrong to defy everything for which you claim to be an advocate when it becomes politically expedient and deride a woman for the way she looks. How unfeminist, anti-women, and ridiculously childish it is for you to reduce a woman to her appearance because you despise her political views.

I thought you were a member of the so called “party of women,” Ms. Handler. I thought you were an advocate for women because, in your opinion, conservatives are not. In condemning Sanders for her looks, you have contradicted yourself. You have just proved the point that conservative women have expressed for years: leftist feminism is one-sided.

The “party of women” is no more than a facade to lure in unsuspecting women who appreciate expressions of female equality. These expressions are hollow. Conservative women will continue to be the recipients of derision on the part of liberals for something as shallow as their looks because the “party of women” can escape condemnation for being two-faced. If a conservative released a video with the same content and targeted a liberal woman, this person would be publicly destroyed.

I want to close with this: I look at the ladies of Future Female Leaders, a coalition of conservative women, and cannot imagine that even one of them would do what you have done. Not one of them would exploit appearance to make a political point. Conservative women like the ones I work alongside daily focus on political issues rather than looks. We do not target ladies with sentiments like having “biscuit face” to promote our political agendas. We use intelligent, well-crafted arguments to foster discussion and healthy debate. You have broken the core ideal of feminism – to support other women – and exchanged it for the maladies you claim of conservatism.

Liana I.
FFL Cabinet
Liana is a follower of Christ and current communications student at Fairleigh Dickinson University. She enjoys writing, reading, and serving others.

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