Image Credits: Barbie / YouTube

Our favorite Barbie girl that taught us we could be anything is exploring a new hobby – vlogging!

Barbie is an ever-evolving brand that attempts to keep up with what young girls are interested in, and attempts to help them navigate being a girl. When many of us were growing up that meant inspiring us to take on any occupation we could dream of. Now she’s taking on the internet, acting as a Youtube vlogger, to give young girls encouragement and inspiration in entertaining ways.

The animated vlogger often participates in more familiar vlog “tags” like “House Tour Tag” and “My Boyfriend Does My Makeup Tag”, and features other familiar Barbie characters, like Ken and Skipper.

Barbie / YouTube

Sometimes, however, her videos hit on some pretty emotional topics.

In one of her first vlogs, “Feeling Blue? You’re Not Alone” Barbie touches on sadness, and tells her viewers that everyone experiences “feeling blue” and that it isn’t fair to always expect yourself to be upbeat and positive. “You can’t have the spring without the winter,” she says, “and I think the winter is beautiful too.”

In another video “You Can Be Anything Or Everything!” Barbie tells us about Mae Jemison, a doctor, astronaut and dancer. She tells her viewers “Don’t let anyone tell you that you only get to choose one thing in life. Life is long! Fill it up!”

In another video “Power and Empowerment” Barbie talks about bullies, confidence and friendship. “You are always powerful when you stand up for others, even when those others have been not-so-great to you,” she says after sharing a story of another Barbie character, Stacy and how Stacy became friends with her bully.

Many of the videos are posted in several different languages, offering girls from around the world the ability to hear from Barbie.

The videos are getting tons of positive response in their comment section. Viewers are saying things like:

“This is incredible and so important!  THIS is how you do marketing right! It can be about raising girls up, not breaking them down. I am so, so happy that the Barbie vlogs are happening.”

“Depression awareness Barbie… wow what an age we live in”

This new era of Barbie could help young girls to learn to handle depression, bullies and other common issues in a new way.

What do you think of Barbie vlogger? Do you think she’s as inspirational as Barbie Doctor was?

Georgia G