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In a world of so many differing opinions and personalities, it can be tough to find your niche. No matter what path you are on, there will always be uncertainties and times when you aren’t as confident as you’d like. While it may not seem like it, faltering is a good thing. We learn the most about ourselves, not only through good times, but through trials as well. One way to help overcome doubts is finding a role model. Role models come in all types of people and can range from your family members to your professors to the Founding Fathers.

Role models are so important in today’s culture, especially for young conservatives. The world of politics often greets us with negativity and insults. That can be hard to face for any young activist and it is the reason we often find ourselves reluctant to voice our opinions. The best way to deal with such doubts is by finding a role model who has been in your shoes. Role models are often people that embody the principles and values that we hold close. They are people who boldly and eloquently defends their principles, in the way that we hope to do so one day.

As young women in the conservative movement, we are lucky. We have so many incredible role models to choose from. The conservative movement is full of strong, sassy, unapologetic women who are proud of their beliefs. Compared to Hillary Clinton and her constant pandering on the left, we are so fortunate. Representatives of the female conservative movement include Carly Fiorina, Megyn Kelly, Dana Perino, Condoleezza Rice, Nancy Reagan, Sarah Palin, Stacey Dash, Margaret Thatcher and so many others. All of these women have accomplished incredible things and overcome so much doubt and backlash. By looking up to them, listening to their stories, and hearing some of their advice, we can better equip ourselves to be the best activists we can be.

No matter whom you choose, the importance of a strong role model cannot be overlooked. While I just named quite a few women that are well known across the country, it is also beneficial to have role models that are closer to you. Nothing is greater than being able to call a friend, teacher, or relative and get their input on a difficult situation. Role models and mentors are there to strengthen you, push you to be your best, and represent the principles you strive to uphold. As you grow and learn, you will become more confident in yourself and in your future.

By choosing a role model and learning from them, you will be better prepared to one day be a role model for those younger than you. They will look up to you, follow in your footsteps, and learn from your mistakes. There’s nothing more rewarding than being a part of a support system that is uplifting in a world that seeks to drag us down. Role models are crucial for young women, especially young conservatives. Don’t underestimate all the good that comes from following the example of those who have gone before you.

Lauren N
Lauren is one of our managing editors here at Future Female Leaders. When she is not editing FFL articles, you can find her color coding her whole life in her Lilly Pulitzer agenda. She's a southern girl who loves Hokie football and isn't afraid to be politically incorrect, so consider this your trigger warning.

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