I wish I could tell you the number of times I’ve gotten a text from a friend with some version of “am I crazy for …” They go into a story about how their ex boyfriend’s new girlfriend followed them on Twitter and they’re upset. Maybe they met a cute boy, followed him on Instagram and looked through all of his pictures. Every time I reassure my friend that they are, in fact, not crazy. They do the same for me more than I’d like to admit.

Let me reassure you of the same thing I reassure my friends: you’re not crazy. Whether you made a C on an exam and you’re upset. Maybe you got frustrated with your significant other because you left your keys in their car and they drove off with them. You aren’t crazy. How you’re feeling is called being human. We all experience similar anxiety. You have feelings. You are entitled to be upset, hurt, curious, whatever you want to be – within reason.

There are a lot of reasons we as women feel crazy. It doesn’t always have to do with guys. Sometimes our hair just won’t sit the right way, or we got mascara on our eyelid when we’re in a rush to get out of the house. Don’t even get me started on the days where nothing in your closet fits the right way, so you just give up and throw on leggings and a t-shirt. There is nothing at all wrong with how you’re feeling. Some days just do not go the right way. Sometimes you really do need to Twitter stalk that new member because you want her as a little. Whatever it is you feel crazy for, I promise most of us have been there a time or two. Everyone can sympathize with how you’re feeling.

Whether we like to admit it or not, we all go through times where we get a little curious about who our ex-boyfriend is with now, or what sorority a certain girl is in. It doesn’t make you crazy, weird, eccentric, or insane. It means you’re just like the rest of us. As humans we were created to be in relationships. We want to know what’s going on in the lives of the people around us, and the people we love and care about. If you’re looking at someone’s social media it means you want to take advantage of the resource that it can be. After all, you are what you tweet. Creeping on your sisters might seem a little less crazy than when it’s your mom’s best friend’s son, but take comfort in knowing we’ve all been there. We’ve all hoped we don’t accidentally like a picture from 97 weeks ago. Know that you weren’t created to be an island. You aren’t expected to never wonder about where your best friend from high school ended up going to law school. It’s normal. You are normal.

The next time you feel crazy, just remember, the person you’re creeping on has done the same thing to someone else. You’re not the first person to get upset because your roommate said no to french toast. You’re certainly not the only one who has accidentally liked an old picture. Enjoy life, be human and allow yourself to have those moments. After all, “we’re all mad here.”

Corrie L
FFL Cabinet Member
Corrie is a Cabinet Member at FFL. She is passionate about coffee, Jesus, and lipstick, and never wears white after Labor Day. If she isn't busy talking about law school or FFL, you can find her studying constitutional law or reviewing a contract. Her plan A is Super Mom turned Supreme Court Justice, and she hopes to one day be just like Sandra Day O"Connor.

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