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5 Job Paths For Political Science Graduates

As a political science major, I get it.  Not everyone understands what exactly political science means, or what career opportunities arise from studying it. Many people view it as a “broad” field of study that leads to minimal career paths. However, these assumptions are far from correct. Below is a [...]

5 Conservative Women We All Admire

All of us conservative women have experienced the feeling of being placed in a box by our liberal counterparts. Time and time again, we are told that our party represents only old, white men and, time and time again, the conservative movement proves them wrong. The women in our movement [...]

5 Pick-Me-Ups Under $5 For The Sleep Deprived

Ladies, we get it—life is busy. Between receiving an education, working, and maintaining a relationship with family and friends, it’s tough to get an adequate amount of rest. While we should all aim to sleep for the recommended eight hours per night, that’s not always possible, so I’ll share with [...]

5 Reasons Why Women Should Be Conservative

“War on women” is a common phrase hijacked by the left-wing to describe conservatives, but is it true? Conservatives are told they are “against women” because they are pro-life. This is the main reason most liberals cite to recruit women to their side of the aisle. This has compelled me [...]

5 Reasons Hillary Is Not A Champion For Women

  As a woman, I get it - us ladies would love a woman in the White House. An independent, strong, capable woman sitting in the Oval Office would be a dream come true. However, we will not settle for Hillary Clinton. Despite what the left-wing rhetoric tells us, Hillary Clinton [...]