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Why We Need More Women With Guns, Not Less

Following every mass shooting, liberals grow increasingly more hostile toward Second Amendment Rights. In their eyes, guns, not people, are the problem. The left often blames conservatives for being insensitive to the pain and suffering of victims because of their ardent support of gun ownership. After the recent, horrific shooting [...]

I Read Clarence Thomas’s Autobiography, And Here Is What I Learned

Clarence Thomas is a champion for conservatism - steadfast in his principles, and the embodiment of the American Dream. In his memoir, My Grandfather’s Son, Thomas describes his life, from his easy-going childhood, to the troubled days of his youth, to the adventure of his Supreme Court nomination. Throughout his life, [...]

The Progress Of Breast Cancer Research

Many of us are aware that October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month, but few people know the history of this disease. While there is still much to learn about Breast Cancer, we do have the answer to some of the more basic questions. Who first learned about breast cancer? What [...]

We Disagree, But Yes, We Can Still Be Friends

I grew up in a pretty sheltered environment. Most of the people I encountered shared the same views as me. Because of this, I was never challenged, or asked to defend my views until this year, when I ventured out into the real world. Coming from a Christian, conservative family, [...]

How Feminism Has Lost Its Way

Women have changed quite a bit over the past one hundred years - from gaining the right to vote to higher participation in the workforce. Today, women have many more opportunities to attend college, find jobs, and participate in traditionally male activities. I recently finished ABC’s The Astronaut Wives Club, [...]

Yes, I Am A Millennial And Yes, I Am A Conservative

I am a millennial. Like most of my peers, I own a smartphone, am active on social media, and spend more time watching television and Netflix than I should. Unlike a majority of my fellow millennials, I am a Republican. Recently, a Pew Research Study discovered that among millennials, 51% [...]

14 Trailblazing Females Who Made Advances In Science

March is Women’s History Month—a month of celebrating women worldwide. There are countless females who, whether famous or not, we should be grateful to as they dedicated their lives to changing the world in ways we may never understand. Here are fourteen females who have made a lasting impact on [...]