Looking back, I cant believe how fast college has flown by. It seems like yesterday was freshman move in day. I was arranging my dorm exactly how I wanted it to be, chatting with my roommate, and preparing to shed a few tears when my parents left. I knew that I wanted to be just as involved in college as I was in high school and I was eager to jump into all that student life had to offer at my university. During the past three and a half years, I have learned so much- inside and outside of the classroom. Ive learned about things that Im going to need for the rest of my career, and Ive learned about things that dont matter now, and definitely wont matter going forward in the rest of my life. Here are the main things:

What Doesnt Matter:

1) The qualityof the fraternities you hung out with. It doesnt matter what tierthey were in, how cute the guys were, or how often you were invited over there. What does matter is the quality of the friendships that you formed.

2) The one test that you failed. It happens. I said I was never going to fail a test in college, and this past semester, I failed my very first one. Make sure to meet with your professor, talk about what you can do to bring up your grade, and learn to study a little bit harder for the next one.

3) What dorm you lived in. I wanted to live in the most expensive, nicest dorms. Why? Im not really sure. Looking back though, it doesnt matter. Many of my friends who lived in the cheapest housing available had the best times of their life there.

What Does Matter:

1) The leadership positions you held: Get involved on campus! Dont just sign up for the club or organization, take on leadership roles within it. It opens up so many doors for you, inside and outside of your organization. Ive been provided with such a large network and so many opportunities just because Ive been involved on campus and held leadership positions.

2) Internships, jobs, and experience. Its very hard to get a job right out of college these days, so make sure you are getting experience in your field. A lot of places like to hire college students for unpaid internships. That right there can provide you with a familiarity of what you will be doing in your career. Do something to make yourself stand out and have an edge over the competition in the job world.

3) The friendships you made. I am so thankful for all of the friendships I have made during my time in college. College has provided me with a network of hundreds of thousands of sorority sisters, friends, and colleagues. These people have changed my life and I will never forget all of the incredible people Ive had the privilege to know, and I hope they will be in my life forever.

There are many other things I could add to this list, but these are the most important. Remember the reason you are actually at college and dont fret on the little things. Senior year will be here before you know it, and youll be wishing you had more time.

Sarah G
FFL Cabinet Member
You can find me eating Mexican food, talking politics, and wishing Hogwarts was a real university.