With over a dozen candidates still in the race, primaries quickly approaching, and a thousand news stories breaking every day, it is hard to stay afloat in the political world. Luckily, with the advent of technology, especially apps, staying on top has become significantly easier than it was in the past. Here are 10 apps you need to keep on top of the 2016 election cycle.

1. Fox News Election HQ 2016

The Fox News app is your favorite mobile version of your favorite news network, and won’t let you miss any of the major election mishaps, scandals, or rising stars. You’ll always know what is going on along the campaign trail.

2. Battleground-The Election Game

This game app will keep political junkies on their toes and provide a great reason to turn off the news for a little bit. We all love games, and we love politics, so why not combine them? Do you have what it takes to win the presidency?

3. Pollster-2016 Polls, News & More

Check out the latest polls, participate in them yourselves, and follow along the hottest news stories. This simple app will help you understand a variety of issues associated with the election, and your own intelligence can help the app become even better!

4. Presidential Candidates-2016

This app is your one stop shop for the skinny on all of the candidates. If you ever wonder what your candidate thinks of an issue, you need only to check the app and you’ll have the information you need! 

5. Periscope

It is the age of technology and the candidates understand that. Many people are running Periscopes of the election, from town halls to protests to rallies, and you can see it up close through eyes on the ground!

6. Politico

For all things politics, we look to Politico. Our favorite website also comes in app form, and will keep you update on everything happening in Washington and beyond.

7. Show of Hands: Ask & Answer Polls

We all love to have our voices heard, and participating in polls is a great way to feel important. This app will provide you with polls for everything from political issues ot what you are making for dinner, and you can see what other people around the country are thinking.

8. Real Clear Politics

We crave news sources that aren’t MSNBC, and RCP is the answer to our prayers.  Turn your phone into Real Clear Politics so you won’t miss any election news,

9. Townhall.com

Another news site turned into an app that you don’t want to miss. Having only one news source on your phone is simply unacceptable; so don’t be caught without the Townhall.com app. Not only will you get the latest news, but the latest commentary from your favorite pundits and Conservative thinkers.

10. Twitter

Yes, you read that right. Having a Twitter is a big deal. How else will you connect with FFL? You can follow our awesome tweets, live-tweet the Debates with us using #DebatewithFFL, and follow the news as well. You won’t regret following us @FFL_of_America

Aryssa D
FFL Cabinet Member