So you’ve recently made the decision to adopt or shop for a brand new family member. Now that the cute little pup is running around your home, the most pressing issue is upon you. What do you name the sweet little guy or girl? No need to worry. FFL is equipping you with 10 of the best Conservative names for your pet.

1) Reagan

This is quite possibly the most obvious pet name for a Conservative family and is the perfect name if your puppy is smart, tough, and ready to conquer all life’s many challenges.

2) Liberty

Is your pup a free spirit? Does he or she know what they want and plan to achieve it regardless of what you do? Then Liberty is the perfect name to match that sass.

3) Lincoln

This is for your most poised pup. Highly respected by the fellow dogs at the dog park and never needs your corrections.

4) Teddy

A presidential puppy with a goofy side. Knows hows to act around company and is an absolute sweetheart.

5) Buckley

For the puppy that is respectful, intelligent, and will have your back forever. Always listens and learns commands almost immediately.

6) Patriot

For the puppy that can handle themselves. They know what they’re about and if you dare correct them, they’ll revolt and do what they want anyways.

7) Remington

This dog is slightly controversial. Some of your friends and family wonder why you ever got them in the first place and why you’d ever keep them around, but deep down you know made the right decision adopting them.

8) Thatcher

For your classiest of pups. May get in trouble from time to time, but knows exactly what he or she is doing. Can outsmart you, but never in front of company.

9) Hillary

This is for the neighborhood dog that isn’t yours, but randomly appears and won’t go away. Not sure who he or she belongs to, but they never stop running (off).

10) Haley

This dog could totally run the world, but your house will do. An absolute angel that is loved by all your company and sticks by your side forever.

Danielle E