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Every Swiftie knows that on Friday, April 26, Taylor Swift is releasing a single or new album. From her Instagram posts, it is evident that whatever is released will have an opposite feel than Reputation. As we prepare for the potential release of TS7, here are some of Taylor’s songs that I am listening to, and you should too.

Teardrops on My Guitar

Every Swiftie, regardless of how old they were when this song was released, sang along crying about their crush at school. Get ready for a lovey feel TS7 with this jam and reminisce on your younger days.

I Heart ?

This blessing of a song is available on YouTube. It was featured on her EP released in 2008, Beautiful Eyes. Listen to this raw song that any girl can relate to.

Love Story

Taylor based this song on Romeo and Juliet and it is golden. Her musical range and passion in this song is nearly unmatched.

Story of Us

If you didn’t, this song is 4 minutes and 26 seconds long. What day is she rumored to be releasing new music? 4.26. Coincidence? We think not. It is important to note that in the song, she says “Next Chapter,” a hint that we are getting a new Taylor.

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Get pumped up with this song with your girlfriends! It is the perfect song to listen to when trying to get hyped about TS7.

All Too Well

Taylor has openly stated that this was one of the hardest songs to write because of how emotional it is. If you attended the Reputation Tour, you know you were almost crying when she sang this.

Wildest Dreams

Her vocal range in this song is phenomenal. Not to mention, the musical video is A-M-A-Z-I-N-G.

Bad Blood

Bad Blood is the ultimate girl gang song when paired with the music video. Taylor is not afraid to stand up for herself, and this song makes it known.

Don’t Blame Me

This song is a lyrical masterpiece, “I once was poison ivy but now I am your daisy.” Anyone who has dated can relate to this song in some capacity.

This Is Why We Can’t Have Nice Things

The limit does not exist in terms of how many times I say this in a week. When Taylor wrote this, she had to have known that any person can relate to this.

Let’s go, TS7.

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