After the train-wreck that was the CNBC event, people around the country were left scratching their heads, rolling their eyes, and praying that they let someone intelligent host the next debate. So who should it be? With the NBC partnership cancelled, that question is up in the air, but worry not, I’ve got some suggestions.

1. Greg Gutfeld


Can you imagine how funny this debate would be? Everyone would be on the edge of their seats, and Greg wouldn’t take crap from anyone. He’d be equally mean to every candidate, and he wouldn’t be afraid to poke fun, ask the tough questions, and keep people entertained so they would actually watch the debate.


2. Jesse Watters


We already know that Jesse is great at bringing out the stupid in people, so we should let him take the mic at the next debate and ask the hard-hitting questions to our candidates. If they can survive Watters’ world, they might stand a chance in the Oval Office.


3. Dana Perino


Bush’s White House Press Secretary and the Fox News beauty knows a lot about the White House, what it takes to run it, and the issues. She’d be an amazing moderator, who would keep everyone on task, light up the room with her beautiful smile, and interrupt Donald Trump’s ramblings with pictures of her beloved dogs.


4. KT McFarland


It’s about time we talked serious foreign policy, and KT is the woman for the job. With her extensive experience in US-Iranian affairs, her expertise in moderating a debate around that relationship, and foreign affairs in general, would be unparalleled. She would also not take any sass from the candidates, and would certainly keep them in line and on topic. You wouldn’t get any Fantasy Football questions from her.


5. Bill O’Reilly


Come on, how could I not include good old Bill? He’s a Fox News maverick with a passion for inciting people he doesn’t know. His debate questions would be probing, hard-hitting, and he definitely would not let the candidates skirt around the issues. With Bill at the helm, the debate would be straightforward, a little bit humorous, and informative.


6. Katie Pavlich


She may be young, but she’s already a regular on many news networks, the author of two best-selling books, and in touch with millennials far more than any one else in her position. With Katie moderating, we would be sure to get hard-hitting questions about the Constitution, freedom of speech, the “war on women” and how the candidates would combat what Obama has done to our country in the last seven years.


7. Sean Hannity


Another news favorite, Sean Hannity would be tossing footballs back and forth with the candidates before he grilled them like a hotdog on the Fourth of July. Hannity is amazing at making you feel comfortable and safe  and then knocking you off your feet with the hard-hitting, important questions.  That’s what we need in a moderator, familiarity and yet a sense of the unknown lingering in the next question.


8. Harris Faulkner


If you’re like me, you love Outnumbered and look forward to it everyday. Harris was always a light on the show, not afraid to ask the tough questions, but also framing them in a way that left her smelling like a rose. She would never be blatantly down and dirty, but her questions would still dig to the bone of the issue, and we’d be left with a much clearer sense of the candidates afterwards.


9. George W. Bush


That’s right. Who better to interrogate potential presidents than a former president?  I love 43, so I’d love to see him moderating a debate with people that might fill the seat he once held. He would be the best equipped to ask the questions that matter, since he knows what it actually takes the run a country. The candidates would respect him, and even though his brother would be on the stage, I can only imagine he would be even harder on him, wanting to make him work for the Oval Office.  Having a past president interrogate candidates publicly is a brilliant idea, and someone should jump on that.


10. The Future Female Leader Cabinet


We’re young, we’re informed, and we’ve got our ears to the ground of millennials voters. This might be a long-shot, but it’s worth a try! Who better to help you reach millennials than millennials? A debate hosted by millennials would be a hit, especially among millennials, and help open candidates eyes to issues that are on millenial’s minds. Plus, it would be a great opportunity for the candidates to reach directly out to millennials through other millennials. It’s the perfect platform, and we’re the perfect girls for the job.