We’ve all heard the tired argument that “guns have more rights than women.” We hear this from the left every single time the Second Amendment and guns run our national conversation. Is it true? Absolutely not. I don’t know about you, but I can think of several rights that I have and guns do not. 

Let’s explore a few things that women have the right to do, but guns cannot. 

1. Attend college 

2. Be carried without a permit 

3. Have a job 

4. Enter a grocery store 

5. Attend sporting events 

6. Get married 

7. Visit an elementary school 

8. Go to Disney parks 

9. Get a driver’s license 

10. Visit a government building 

11. Defend oneself 

12. File a lawsuit 

13. Run for public office 

14. Go on a cruise 

15. Adopt a child 

16. Buy a house, car, etc. 

17. Divorce

18. Fly first class 

19. Vote in an election 

While concealed carry and open carry laws vary from state to state, the vast majority of the places listed do not allow gun entry. What if liberals were right and guns did have more rights than women? Looks like we would often be locked away in our homes, ladies. So, now that that’s settled, let’s stop spewing that talking point. Thanks! 

Whitney E

Whitney is a senior majoring in communication at Mississippi State University. When she's not preparing for law school, you can find her online shopping or planning a trip to Disney World. She loves Ronald Reagan, traveling, and all things preppy.