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Although Joe Biden has been in politics for a long time, he’s really bad at running for president.

As August comes to an end, the presidential primaries are heating up. Candidates are busy campaigning across the country, hateful words are being thrown around from rival to rival, and poll numbers are keeping candidates on their toes.

In addition to this, voters are also getting to know each candidate – whether a supporter or not. So far, it hasn’t been pretty for some of the candidates.

The candidate who might be doing the worst is none other than Joe Biden. It’s so cringey to watch. Below are three big problems with the front runner for the Democratic nomination.

1. He’s creepy

The former Vice President is a known creep as he’s photographed hugging on women and children inappropriately. However, according to an article by the New York Times, Biden isn’t too phased with it. “I’m sorry I didn’t understand more,” he said.

2. No presidential endorsement

It has been reported that former President Obama has repeatedly declined to endorse Joe Biden as presidential candidate. According to TIME, ex-President Barack Obama is holding off on an endorsement of his former running mate. Not only did they run the country together for eight years, but they also became best friends while doing so. In fact, they supposedly remain close to this day. Isn’t it a little odd that one of his closest confidants hasn’t endorsed and voiced an support?

3. Gaffes galore

Joe Biden has been in the Washington D.C. bubble for a long time. In fact, he has served as an elected official for several decades – first as Senator, then as Vice President. He’s no rookie to the political game, but he certainly acts like it with the amount of gaffes he has on a daily basis. In one of his most recent gaffes, when speaking about the intelligence of children, he stated “poor kids are just as bright and just as talented as white kids.” Later he corrected himself, but the damage was already done.

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It’s no secret the Biden camp wants to beat President Trump, but so far the Trump camp doesn’t need to worry too much about the presidential candidate. In fact, Joe Biden is working in Trump’s favor.

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