The movie “Unplanned” hit theaters last weekend. Despite the movie’s account being temporarily removed from Twitter, it earned a shocking $6 million+ in the box office opening weekend. This eye-opening, heart-wrenching film highlights the life of Abby Johnson, a former Planned Parenthood Clinic Director who eventually quit her job and became pro-life. By illustrating Abby Johnson’s story through the camera lens, the film takes the viewer behind the scenes to show what really happens beyond the walls of Planned Parenthood. Although it might bring you to tears, Unplanned is a must see. Here’s why:

1) It shows the power of prayer.

The power of prayer is a theme throughout the entire movie. The scenes where this is encapsulated make the viewers realize that prayer can actually move mountains and that God is listening. I think this theme can mean so much to those of use who fight for our pro-life values. There is a scene in the movie where Abby is talking to members of the pro-life group featured in the film and they made a comment about how they were doubting the effects of their prayers. After this statement, Abby proceeded to tell them that she had seen many instances where the power of prayer have changed the minds of women who had arrived at the clinic to have an abortion. Although many people who fight against abortion feel as if they are not making a difference, this film shows that you might actually be making a bigger difference than you could ever imagine.

2) It takes you behind the scenes of Planned Parenthood.

Although Planned Parenthood might put on a “all about women’s health” facade, this film shows you the truths of what the organization is actually about. Abby Johnson fell into the same trap that a lot of people fall in: Planned Parenthood’s lies. Since Abby is inside the clinic in the film, the viewer is able to see the interactions with other employees and see exactly what goes on inside the walls of the organization.

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3) It shows that you CAN change your stance on abortion, and it’s okay to.

One of the overarching themes of the story is the change in heart of Abby Johnson. She is just one example of someone who changed her mind on abortion. Abby worked as a clinic director for Planned Parenthood and she changed her stance. This shows that it is possible. In fact, it is perfectly okay to do so. Many people feel like they are “not allowed” to change their stance. This movie shows that people can and do change.

Even if you aren’t entirely sure of what you think about abortion, Unplanned is a must see. It is a well made film that shows you some of the truths about abortion you will not hear from the mainstream media and encapsulates the power of prayer and pro life advocacy.