The 2018 midterm elections have largely been characterized as a test of the traditional two-party political system in America. More specifically, this election year will largely be viewed as a test of the viability of the Republican Party, and President Trump. There are 34 Senate seats up for reelection this November. In the House, all 435 seats will be up for reelection. Currently, Republicans have a majority in the Senate by just two seats, making this year’s election cycle particularly compelling because of this extremely narrow majority. Over in the House of Representatives, the Republican Party holds the majority with 239 seats. Those who win this November with be part of the 116th Congress which will begin in January 2019. Here is a list of the Senate seats up for reelection this year:

Jeff Flake (R) – Arizona; held seat since 2013. Flake is not seeking re-election. Representative Martha McSally, Arizona state senator Kelli Ward, and Sheriff Joe Arpaio are some of the Republicans running for the seat. The primary is August 28th. 

Bill Nelson (D) – Florida; held seat since 2001. Florida is a state Trump won. It is rumored that Republican governor Rick Scott will run for the seat, potentially making the seat vulnerable for Democrats. 

Joe Donnelly (D) – Indiana; held seat since 2013. President Trump won this state by 19 points in 2016 and this seat is viewed as particularly vulnerable for Democrats. 

Angus King (I) – Maine; held seat since 2013.

Debbie Stabenow (D) – Michigan; held seat since 2001.

Tina Smith (D) – Minnesota; held seat since 2018. She was appointed when Senator Franken resigned due to sexual misconduct allegations. Special MN election also held on 11/6/18.

Claire McCaskill (D) –  Missouri; held seat since 2007. This could be her toughest re-election fight yet, as Trump won by 19 points in the state. Republicans see an opportunity to potentially flip the seat to red. 

Jon Tester (D) – Montana; held seat since 2007. Republicans see this seat as an opportunity to flip red, as it is a state that went heavily for Trump in 2016. 

Heidi Heitkamp (D) – North Dakota; held seat since 2013. This race, previously viewed as safely Democrat, has been labeled as a toss up and  an opportunity for Republicans, as Trump won the state by 36 points. 

Bob Menendez (D) – New Jersey; held seat since 2006.

Dean Heller (R) –  Nevada; held seat since 2011. Nevada went to Clinton in 2016 and it will be a tough fight for Heller. Many view the seat as toss up. 

Sherrod Brown (D) – Ohio, held seat since 2007.

Bob Casey (D) – Pennsylvania; held seat since 2007.

Bob Corker (R) – Tennessee; held seat since 2007. Senator Bob Corker recently announced her retirement, which cleared the field for other Republicans to run in his place. Representative Marsha Blackburn is leading the pack on the Republican side to run for the seat. 

Ted Cruz (R) – Texas; held seat since 2013.

Tim Kaine (D) – Virginia; held seat since 2013. 

Tammy Baldwin (D) – Wisconsin; held seat since 2013. Trump had a historic win in Wisconsin in 2016. 

Joe Manchin (D) – West Virginia; held seat since 2011. 

Dianne Feinstein (D) – California; held seat since 1992.

Chris Murphy (D) – Connecticut; held seat since 2013.

Tom Carper (D) – Delaware; held seat since 2001.

Mazie Hirono (D) – Hawaii; held seat since 2013.

Elizabeth Warren (D) – Massachusetts; held seat since 2013.

Ben Cardin (D) – Maryland; held seat since 2007.

Amy Klobuchar (D) – Minnesota; held seat since 2007.

Roger Wicker (R) – Mississippi; held seat since 2007. Both of Mississippi Senate seats will have an election this November as Senator Cochran recently announced his retirement and a special election will be held. 

Deb Fischer (R) – Nebraska; held seat since 2013.

Martin Heinrich (D) – New Mexico; held seat since 2013.

Kirstin Gillibrand (D) – New York; held seat since 2009. 

Sheldon Whitehouse (D) – Rhode Island; held seat since 2007.

Orrin Hatch (R) – Utah; held seat since 1977. Hatch is retiring and Mitt Romney made headlines as he is running for the seat. 

Bernie Sanders (I) – Vermont; held seat since 2007.

Maria Cantwell (D) – Washington; held seat since 2001.

John Barrasso (R) – Wyoming; held seat since 2007.

You can read more about these individuals, and dive more into these competitive races here.

Over in the House of Representatives; while all 435 seats are up for reelection, 83 seats in particular are being categorized as competitive contests this November. You can read more about these individuals, and gage for yourself the level of competition here.

This midterm election year will surely be one to watch. There are a number of important races going on all over the country. Use this as an opportunity to get involved, volunteer your time, and be active in bringing about change to our political landscape.

Joleen T
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