While the country is still practicing social distancing and preventative measures against COVID-19, center right women are still making moves. They announced new ventures and jobs, filmed public service announcements, got sworn into office, and more. Let’s discuss the four big moves by Republican women you need to know before kicking off your weekend!

Charlotte Pence Bond and Bethany Mandel Announce News Review Podcast

Conservative commentator and authors Charlotte Pence Bond and Bethany Mandel this week to announced a new podcast and Youtube web series to help break down the news for kids. The “Little News Briefing” podcast will explain the news, answer questions, and interview experts to help kids understand current events.

Specifically, Pence-Bond and Mandel plan to help kids understand and cope with the coronavirus. Charlotte explained in a Washington Times article that when she was a kid, 9/11 happened. She recalls watching her parents digest the news and wishing she had a better understanding of this situation. While her father, Vice President Mike Pence, leads briefing with the coronavirus task force, she hopes to help kids be less confused and afraid of the current situation as well.

Kathleen “K.C.” Tomlinson Gets Sworn Into Pennslyvania House

After winning against a Democratic rival in a special election last month, K.C. Tomlinson was officially sworn into her seat in the Pennsylvania House of Representatives this week. To win the rase, K.C. had to overcome a massive funding advantage by her opponent; nonetheless, K.C. attributes her win to good-old-fashion door knocking and connecting with her community.

K.C. is headed to Harrisburg to represent the 18th legislative district of Pennsylvania. Her father, Tommy Tomlinson, is a Senator in the state. K.C.’s victory means her town is represented by a Tomlinson in both the House and the Senate.

Kayleigh McEnany Becomes New White House Press Secretary 

Kayleigh McEnany is going from Trump’s campaign staff to the White House staff to serve as the President’s new White House Press Secretary, according to reports this week. McEnany is a Harvard Law graduate who served as a CNN contributor following her 2016 graduation. In 2017 she was named Republican National Committee Spokesman and joined the Trump Campaign in 2019.

McEnany replaces Stephanie Grisham, who was selected to serve as Press Secretary last summer. Grisham will return to the East WIng to serve as Melania Trump’s Chief of Staff.

Melania Trump Stars in PSA on Wearing Masks

First Lady Melania Trump was featured in a PSA this week on the importance of wearing cloth masks in public settings. She also discussed the importance of social distancing and reminded Americans to regularly review CDC guidelines for appropriate actions to slow the spread of COVID-19.

Melania also posted a photo on Twitter in a mask reminding Americans to wear them. And if I may add, she definitely knows how to wear a mask but make it fashion.

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