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A lesser known political show, Veep is an American political satire comedy series highlighting Selina Meyer, a fictional Vice President (and later President) of the United States and her hilarious staff. Whether it be the overly charming and grossly narcissistic Dan, the shrill workaholic Amy, awkward communications director Mike, sarcastic and to-the-point receptionist Sue, or doting bag-man Gary, Selina’s staff offers countless moments of hilarity in each episode. As the “Veep”, and later POTUS, Selina must navigate the tough realities of Washington and the demands of constituents. On top of that, she also has to maintain a relationship with her daughter and friends. Veep is arguably one of the most comedic political television shows ever. Its one liners are incredibly memorable. Here are some of the 5 best Veep moments:

When Selina attempts to describe the persona of staffer Dan:

With your face, when you attempt to be charming, it really does come off as evil.

Perhaps the best insult ever uttered:

If you want to get some cardio exercise, you have to have a heart.”

How we all feel when discussing constituent issues over the phone:

I can’t say no to you again, so I’m just going to… *click*.”

How to make the voters feel sympathy? Glasses, of course!

Glasses make me look weak. It’s like a wheelchair for the eye.”

When you know you’ve hit rock bottom:

Siri, why does God allow suffering?”

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Isabel B
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