Image Credits: University of Nevada College Republicans

Being involved in College Republicans at your school can be a fun and rewarding experience. It can provide you with a network of great colleagues, connections, and opportunities for service and leadership. Going to a lot of meetings all the time can get tedious.  Its important to create fun events for your members to make sure they get the best experience possible.  These kind of different and fun events help spread the College Republicans message to others who may not be members. These are a few things that my chapter already does, along with events that we want to plan in the future.

  1. Tailgates

In the South, tailgates are a huge deal.  We take a lot of pride in supporting our team on game days. There is nothing like coming together with good food and company, playing games, eating, and cheering on your team. Our College Republicans chapter sponsors a tailgate at all of our home games and invites all members to come. It definitely creates a sense of camaraderie throughout all of our members.

  1. Debate Watch Parties

I watched the first presidential debate with 20 of my fellow members in College Republicans. It was great to be surrounded by those with the same opinions and ideas as me.  We loved that our newest members got to meet older members as well and connect with them.

  1. Guest Speakers

We are lucky to have a lot of really good support from local and state elected officials in Alabama.  They love coming to our meetings and talking with everyone. Weve had senators, representatives, and other people in politics come speak to us.  We have been able to learn a lot from them. All of the speeches are very interactive.  We are able to ask a lot of questions and gain a lot of political wisdom in whatever field we are curious about.

  1. Dinners and Casual Meetings

One thing we want to implement this semester is more casual meetings and grabbing dinner together. Its a great way to discuss politics in a less formal setting and have everyone hang out together.

  1. Campaigning Together

Last spring, a lot of College Republicans members and myself worked on campaigns together for the primary for the US Senate in Alabama. We had a lot of fun, were able to earn some money, and meet people to add to our network. Some of us worked for different candidates, as often happens in primary elections, but nonetheless, we all had a great time.

Its really important to make sure that all of your members are having a great experience, and I am glad my chapter is committed to that. I hope you have the opportunity to implement some of these ideas as well, and also start ideas and traditions unique to your own group. Good luck.

Sarah G