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Ahead of ex-FBI Director James Comey’s testimony concerning Russia’s interference of the 2016 election, President Donald Trump announced via Twitter that he will nominate Christopher Wray as the new FBI Director. President Trump claims Wray to be a man of “impeccable credentials.”  Here are five facts about President Trump’s new FBI Director nominee.  

He graduated from Yale University

Wray attended Yale University for his undergraduate degree and graduated in 1989. He graduated three years later in 1992 from Yale Law School. During law school, he was involved with Yale Law Journal where he served as Executive Editor.

He served as the Assistant Attorney General in the U.S. Department of Justice’s Criminal Division

The Senate unanimously agreed with Former President George W. Bush’s nominee for the Assistant Attorney General in the U.S. Department of Justice’s Criminal Division, Christopher Wray. From 2003-2005, Wray served in the department where he oversaw the Enron Task Force and led investigations involving securities and healthcare fraud, public corruption, bank secrecy and cyber crime. At the end of his term in 2005, he received the Edmund J. Randolph Award. The award, named after the first Attorney General, is the department’s highest award and honors outstanding leadership and public service.

He has worked with Former FBI Director James Comey

Wray has worked with Former FBI Director James Comey at his time at the U.S. Department of Justice’s Criminal Division. While working together, they prosecuted AOL and in 2004 for security frauds and accounting deceptions. “The Department of Justice will not hesitate to prosecute companies and individuals who use secret side deals to puff up their balance sheets with income that was not earned,” Wray said during the investigation. “At the same time, we will take into account steps taken by corporations, particularly if they involve significant remedial actions to ensure that such conduct does not occur in the future.”

Christopher Wray represented New Jersey Governor Chris Christie

Wray represented New Jersey Governor Chris Christie in the lane-closing Bridgegate investigation. Bridgegate was a scandal involving Christie in which he closedtwo of the three lanes access lanes connecting Fort Lee, NJ to the George Washington bridge” as payback for Democrat and Fort Lee Mayor Mark Sokolich who refused to endorse Christie’s bid for reelection. Chris Christie denied these claims, but an investigation pursued. Christie ended up with no charges, and the judge ruled that Christie had knowledge of the traffic problems.

Wray is a partner for the King & Spalding law firm

Christopher Wray serves as a partner for the Washington D.C. and Atlanta area offices for the King & Spalding law firm. According to the firm’s website, Wray is in charge of the King & Spalding Special Matters and Government Investigations Practice Group. His position’s responsibilities include representing companies, audit and special committees, and individuals in a variety of white-collar criminal and regulatory enforcement matters, parallel civil litigation, and internal corporate investigations.”

For Wray to be approved, he needs the majority vote from the Senate. Republicans currently hold 52 seats in the Senate, so it is likely for him to be nominated unless some Republicans are opposed to him holding the position.

Sara G