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I, for one, am absolutely tired of hearing people complain about their liberal professors, the liberal media, liberal actors, et cetera, and then do nothing about it. As conservatives, there are career fields that we are outnumbered in. Accepting it as fact and complaining about it is not the answer, however. If we want to make a difference, if we want this country to lean right, then conservatives need to enter fields dominated by liberals and take them over just like liberals did. Here are five fields that conservatives need to enter, stat.

1) Education

We’ve all had a liberal professor or two, and many of us have probably had solely liberal professors. We’ve had complained about clear liberal bias in the classroom, but what have we done about it? If we don’t want these left-wingers educating our children, then we need to be the ones to educate them. A career in education may not seem as fruitful as a career in finance, but the impact on the next generation is astounding. Think about what our world might be like today if the previous generation of teachers were leaned more right. Would we still have the campus whiners and call for safe spaces that we see on college campuses today?

2) Journalism

While the conservative movement is blessed to have such prominent publications as the National Review and others, we are lagging behind in other major publications, especially those read by the masses on a daily basis. There is no reason that liberal-leaning newspapers like the New York Times should have a monopoly, and there is certainly no good reason to complain about it if you aren’t actively working to change it. Print newspapers may be going the way of the dinosaurs in my towns, but journalism is far from dead, and conservatives need to start considering it as a career field and stop letting liberals like Arianna Huffington run the show.

3) Film

The onslaught of liberal celebrities, those we watch on television and in movies, is no secret, and they always rear their ugly heads around election years and major award ceremonies. The Right has every reason to complain about this, but what are they doing to fight it? We cannot let the left-leaning majority keep us from fighting as the minority to become the majority. If we let the left scare us away from making movies, they’ll continue their control over the industry and no one will benefit in the long-run.

4) Healthcare

Healthcare should be a field where there are no politics, but that isn’t always true.  There are many cases where doctors, nurses, and other healthcare professionals exploit their profession to further political gains. Also, healthcare professionals are given a special kind of respect that allows them to exert influence over certain situations. If conservatives want to strengthen the pro-life movement and raise awareness about fetal pain and the true effects of abortion on women and children, we need more conservatives in the field.

5) Broadcast Media

Conservatives are blessed with great conservative news anchors like Liz Wheeler, Mary Katherine Ham, and others on Fox News and CNN, but it isn’t enough. We need more young people interested in broadcast media so that the future is full of beautiful, talented, hard-hitting broadcast journalists that keep the millennial generation watching the news and other information programming.  

While as conservatives we fully encourage everyone to pursue the career paths they are most interested in, there is no denying that there is a shortage in certain career paths when it comes to conservatives. As smart people who love capitalism, we so often gravitate to finance jobs, administrative jobs, and more, but there are so many other fields that we need to infiltrate and dominate like the left has for so many years. Happy job hunting.

Aryssa D
FFL Cabinet Member