There’s been quite a bit of excitement around Hillary recently. You’d have to be living under a rock to not know that Hillary is the first woman to win the presidential nomination of a major political party. She’s taken full advantage of this fact, flaunting it at rallies and manipulating it into her campaign slogan, “I’m with her”. The fact that Hillary is a woman has quickly become the focal point of her campaign, with Donald Trump bashing coming in at a close second. Even better, if you’re looking to throw away $5, Hillary will sell you your very own Woman Card. While being the first woman to be a presidential nominee for a major political party is monumental, there are a few other firsts that Hillary isn’t flaunting for the world to see. So what milestones are Hillary hiding?

1) The First College Republican Chapter President to be the Democratic Nominee

That’s right, Hillary Rodham Clinton was member of the College Republicans during her time at Wellesley College. In fact, Clinton was elected as the President of her College Republicans chapter by her peers as a freshman, but switched parties by her senior year. Her early Republican tendencies stemmed from growing up in a Republican family and reading about Goldwater. In her book, she wrote that her 9th grade history teacher greatly impacted her. By 1968, Hillary was campaigning for the left, officially stripping her from being able to say “I survived college without becoming a liberal.”

2) The first First Lady to be subpoenaed to testify in court

Hillary was all tangled up in the Whitewater controversy.  This caused her to be called to testify in front of a federal jury. During her time in court, she refused to hand over billing records from the law firm she worked at. They were later mysteriously found in the White House.

3) The first nominee of a major party to run while under FBI investigation

While Hillary was not indicted this past July, this was the result of an extensive investigation that combed over hundred of thousands of emails from Hillary’s time at Secretary of State. Never has a candidate run a full blown campaign while facing possible criminal charges and jail time due to gross negligence.

4) The first former First Lady to run for President

While Hillary Clinton served as First Lady for 8 years, she’s never been a fan of allowing the spotlight to be on anyone but herself. She is the first person to run after her husband served eight years in the White House. While she is the first former First Lady to campaign for president, she has also pushed to be a power player for years before this. During her husband’s time as commander-in-chief, she was the first First Lady to have an office in the West Wing of the White House.

5) The first nominee to have a speculated body count

Bill and Hillary Clinton are widely known for their acquaintances mysteriously dying at the most convenient times. There is a website dedicated exclusively to tracking all of the deaths mysteriously tied to Clinton’s. As of now, the count is at 46 people.  While the Clintons deny having any knowledge of these mysterious deaths, it’s hard to hide 46 bodies in your closet without looking suspicious.  Is it true or just part of conspiracy theories?  We’re not sure, but it certainly raises eyebrows.  

Lauren N
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