When Margaret Thatcher passed away on April 8th, 2013, the world lost a strong female leader. Margaret Thatcher was not afraid to wear her politics on her sleeve. She was Britain’s first female prime minister and despite the harsh criticism she received from the opposition, she was successful in so much of what she sought to achieve. Known as “The Iron Lady,” Margaret Thatcher has also inspired pop culture. Multiple movies have been made about her or featuring her likeness as she interacted with other world leaders. In memory of Margaret Thatcher today, five years after her death, let’s take a look at the five best Margaret Thatcher movies you can watch now.

  1. The Iron Lady

Released in 2011, The Iron Lady is probably the most well-known Margaret Thatcher movie. Starring Meryl Streep in the title role, with Jim Broadbent as her husband, the film is a reflection of an older Thatcher on her life thus far and her relationship with her now deceased husband. It won two Oscars for actress in a leading role and achievement in makeup.

  1. Thatcher: The Final Days


Less well-known but equally intriguing is Thatcher: The Final Days, a made-for-tv British film that follows the end of Thatcher’s reign as Prime Minister. It came out in 1991 but was rereleased on DVD in 2007. It starred Sylvia Syms as Margaret Thatcher and is a great way to understand how the people of Britain saw Thatcher.

  1. Margaret


Another made for TV movie, released in 2009, Margaret also followed Thatcher’s final days as Prime Minister. Hot topic, huh? It started Lindsay Duncan as Thatcher and while the movie is very one-dimensional (according to critics) it can still offer insight into her life. I personally just find it enthralling to see how different filmmakers approach such a huge historical figure, especially while she is still alive.

  1. The Long Walk to Finchley


The BBC knows drama, and they certainly deliver with this television drama that gives insight into the early career of Margaret Thatcher before she was Prime Minister. This is a particularly insightful film if you want to learn about how Thatcher initially entered the Parliament and her early life with her husband Denis. It features Andrea Riseborough as Thatcher and Rory Kinnear as Denis.

  1. Pinochet in Suburbia/Pinochet’s Last Stand


While this movie isn’t exactly about Margaret Thatcher, it does feature her prominently. This film, released in 2006, follows the attempts of former Chilean Dictator Auguste Pinochet to avoid extradition to Great Britain while receiving medical treatment there. Trust me, this film is telling a story that we never hear about. It’s absolutely fascinating to see the mechanizations of a government other than ours in a time like that!

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