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President Elect Donald Trump has made clear his intentions to select Rick Perry as head of the Department of Energy. Perry, a former presidential candidate and the longest serving governor of Texas, had said during a 2011 televised debate that given the chance, the Department of Energy was among those he would like to eliminate. Many conservatives see this appointment as a win for small government. In honor of his nomination, here are five reasons to love Rick Perry.

  1. Politicians posing with puppies/babies isn’t anything new, but when you can find five pictures within the first second of a Google search, you have to think that maybe this whole Perry puppy love is more than a facade. Rick Perry has a minor obsession with dogs. It’s fine.


  2. He doesn’t have a poker face. Like many of us, he is a walking emotional display.


  3. He competed on Dancing With The Stars. Not only was this a fun and lighthearted way to end the negativity of campaigning for POTUS, but he used this platform to advocate for veterans and give the GOP some pop culture points.


  1. He loves the Second Amendment.


    Like, really, really loves it.


  2. When a political opponent had him indicted for felony charges of “abuse of power,” former Governor Perry pulled the ultimate power move and turned himself in. The charges were dismissed, but not before his mugshot looked A+ and went viral. Perry clearly isn’t into political games.


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