Now that I’m finished with graduate school, my mind is constantly searching for new ways to learn. Since I’m in a library almost every single day, I’ve started looking at the courses offered for free through my library and other public libraries.  As conservatives, we’re obviously interested in American history. Why not explore some great online, self-paced courses on American history to help you build up your existing knowledge. Why not take a deep dive into a new topic?Most of these classes are available no matter where you are, but places like Universal Class usually partner with public libraries or universities, so check with them for free access. 

Universal Class: 20 Women Who Changed American History

A class on women who have made big waves in the US and changed the way our country operates? Sign me up. 

Yale Open Courses: The American Revolution

Dr. Freeman is an expert on the American Revolution, so if you love Hamilton, you’ll love her lectures. 

Hillsdale College: American Heritage from Colonial Settlement to the Current Day

Take a long look at America from the founding to the famous moments of today with this free class from conservative powerhouse college, Hillsdale. 

ColumbiaX: The Civil War and Reconstruction

If you want more focus, take this self-paced online course specifically on the Civil War and the era of Reconstruction that followed. 

Khan Academy: The US After 2000

Is it really history if you lived it? Oh yes it is, and this Khan Academy class takes a look at all that has happened in the US, politically especially, since the turn of the millenium. 

Aryssa D
FFL Cabinet Member