Being a professional young woman with a job can be difficult. One of the things that can cause so much stress when you’re first in the working world is style and fashion choices.

What exactly is business casual? How many pencil skirts do you need? Are these shoes right for the office? After working in a professional world for three years, I’ve finally figured out how to make the style part of my life so much easier.

There are really only five types of shoes that you need as a young adult working in a professional setting, and prioritizing those shoes over the fancy new Kate Spade Keds or leopard print wedges will save you a ton of time in the morning and help you live your best life. Here are those five types of shoes that you should invest in now and reap the rewards from for years to come.

A black heel

A good black heel will go with most outfits and help you look professional in the office every day.

A nude heel

Like a black heel, a nude heel can go with just about any outfit, but will compliment your fashion choices differently than the black heel, which is a necessary change sometimes.

Comfortable flats

As much as we want to pretend we love wearing heels, flats are saviors. Make sure they’re comfortable, durable, and aren’t scuffed up so you can wear them to the office or around town.

Versatile sandals

While open-toed shoes are usually frowned about in professional environments, you’ll want to cut loose in your free time and versatile sandals will help tone down work dresses for the evening, compliment your favorite sun dresses, and even work with jeans and shorts.

Sturdy athletic shoes

Staying active is imperative if you want to look your best, so invest in a study pair of athletic shoes that you can wear to the gym, on a jog, or while running to the grocery store.

Aryssa D
FFL Cabinet Member