Looking back, 2018 was the year of women supporting women, and I am hoping that we will be continuing that trend this year! Here are five small ways that you can help support your fellow conservative women, whether it be online or in person.

Show them love on social media

Everyone knows that social media isn’t always the nicest place, and the comments that conservative girls can get can be some of the worst. This year, make it a habit to show your friends and followers love. Comment on their posts letting them know they’re looking great and have cheerleaders that are proud of their accomplishments. When a particular tweet is getting some harsh comments, send them a positive message, letting them know you stand by them.

Fill their feed with empowerment and love, so those negative comments will just disappear into the background.

Back them up in the classroom

College campuses are undeniably left-leaning, and a lot of conservatives can be scared to speak their mind in class. When one of your classmates speaks out in support of the Second Amendment or mentions that protection of life is one of the most fundamental values, let them know they’re not alone. You can do this by supporting their argument during class, by offering up more evidence and examples, or by going up to them after class and letting them know that someone in the class agrees with them. They will definitely appreciate the support, and you’ll be doing your part to keep up the healthy debate during future classes.

Introduce them to new opportunities

As we all know, “behind every successful woman is a tribe of other successful women who have her back.” Make yourself a part of that tribe by helping your fellow conservative girl get her next opportunity. Did you have a great experience interning with an organization last summer? Send the link for the application to a member of your organization or a friend online. Have you gotten to know your local representatives? Introduce them to your conservative peers at the next rally.

Every woman needs to start somewhere, and you can help someone get that start just by introducing them to all the opportunities you’ve gotten to experience in the past.

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Invite them to a conference

Political conferences can be intimidating to anyone that hasn’t been to one before. If you see a conservative woman in real life or online debating on going to one, reach out to her and invite her yourself. Let her know that she will have a friend to sit with and someone to reach out to for tips like where to go to get a good bite to eat when sessions are over.

These conferences can help someone join the conservative movement and introduce them to other like-minded individuals that can become their friends. You never know what great things can happen by inviting someone to one.

Check in on them

We are all girl bosses, multi-tasking and juggling many different roles throughout the year. Through all this craziness though, we shouldn’t forget the role of supporter and friend. Making an effort to check in on friends throughout the year can make the biggest difference to them. Showing that you have thought about them and care enough to reach out to them can change their day or week from a bad one to a good one. We should always try to be the friend that we wish for during our bad days.

By making these small efforts we can help create a strong support system, that will ensure that every conservative woman has the help and empowerment she needs to succeed.

Stormi R