Image Credits: College Republican National Committee

A new semester means a new opportunity to grow the best party on campus. All CR chapters should work to grow their chapters in order to be most effective this fall, and here are 5 ways to do so.

1) Get on Board Fair

Many universities have a Get on Board Day.  This is where any and all student organizations are allowed to participate and increase awareness for what they do. This is a great way to market your own club, because the people who attend are looking to get involved.

2) Off Campus Events

Hold an off campus event and get people out and about in the city to learn more about who you are. With todays social media presence, it is so easy to inform others of these events, including the time and address. Make a Facebook event page, and invite away!

3) PR During Sporting Events

People are always looking for food during a tailgate. Pass out some free food and a flyer with information about College Republicans and when your next meeting is. People may just stop by for the food, but at least it will add some positivity to your reputation.

4) Dorm Knocking

Go around to all the dorms and pass out flyers. During my freshman year, I was made aware of a variety of meetings and clubs just by flyers being slid underneath my door or having people knocking on my door. Its a good, old-fashioned way to interact with potential members in todays college world.

5) Speak At Other Clubs’ Meetings

My sorority frequently has guest speakers at chapter who tell us about their clubs or events on campus. When you speak at other meetings, you are speaking to people who are already involved  on campus and are most likely looking for other ways to increase their campus involvement. Find the appropriate contact and try to schedule a time that works for you to come speak to them.

Good luck growing your chapters this year!

Sarah G