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So you landed your dream summer internship. Congratulations! You are well on your way to the “real world.” But you’ve never had an internship before, let alone one that lasts the whole summer. You have googled it and asked your friends for advice but there might be some things you are still forgetting to do. There are 5 things you should do to make sure you are on track to having a successful summer internship.

1) Map It Out

Relocating? Some of you may be interning in a town not far from your home and won’t have to travel much. Those of you who are moving to a completely different city or state may be nervous. Getting to know the location of your internship and apartment before you move is key.

Learn the major highways and interstates that will get you from point A to point B. Not bringing your car? Study the bus and metro routes. Knowing the closest station to your residence will come in handy when you are rushing out the door early one Monday morning. If you already have a general idea of where you need to go it will make life much simpler.

2)  Get To Know The Organization

I am sure you are well aware of who or what you are interning for, but dig a little deeper. Do research on the head honchos so you won’t be faced with any surprises. If you learn the background and mission of the company, everyone there will be impressed with your knowledge.  By doing so, it will show how interested you are and you’ll stand out among the crowd, and that could make all the difference.

3) Make Friends

Whether you are close to home or moving far away, you can never have too many friends. If you get to know your new coworkers before you arrive, you won’t feel as nervous when it’s time to start work. Maybe you can get to know them on Facebook on Twitter if you can’t meet up, but if you live close enough why not get lunch? By getting to know these people, you will recognize their familiar faces on your first day in the office and not feel so alone.

4) Network

Networking is similar to making friends, but you must be ten times more presentable while doing so. Dress nicely and put your best foot forward when networking in your new summer community. By branching out, I’m sure you will make many reliable connections to people who can help build your reputation. It will also be extremely valuable when you meet the executive director for an up-and-coming company and she introduces you to all of her friends–one being your new boss.

5) Breathe

If you are anything like me, you are beyond the normal panicking point. You want to better yourself every day and get ready for this position but chances are there is nothing more you can do. So relax. You will be fine if you remain calm and confident. You will have the summer of a lifetime and make countless memories. You will gain incredible experience and wonder why you were so nervous to begin with. After this summer, you will be an intern pro and next year you will want to do it all over again.

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