This week saw a lot of conservative women stand out. Here are five ways rising GOP women made their marks this week.

Nancy Mace donates plasma to benefit COVID-19 patients

After battling coronavirus herself, US House candidate Nancy Mace (SC-01) recently donated her plasma to benefit COVID-19 patients. Mace expressed a desire to continue donating her plasma as she is able, knowing that this could prove integral to helping others fight the virus once contracted (a recent study found that the mortality rate among patients given antibody-rich plasma was about 50% lower than those who did not receive the transfusion). Mace also encouraged mask-wearing to combat the virus and asked others to consider donating their plasma.

Ivanka Trump helps secure $35 million toward human trafficking victims

Alongside Attorney General Barr, presidential adviser Ivanka Trump announced $35 million in Justice Department grants to benefit organizations which support housing for survivors of human trafficking. The announcement was made at an event attended by survivors and organizations that work to fight human trafficking. Ivanka Trump spoke at the White House event, celebrating the efforts of the Trump administration against human trafficking. She also expressed that the need for secure housing for victims is “more important than ever” amidst the pandemic.

Aliscia Andrews launches Indian-American Coalition and receives US Impact endorsement

US House candidate Aliscia Andrews (VA-10) announced that she is launching an Indian-American Coalition as part of her campaign, chaired by community leaders. She was also endorsed by US Impact, an Indo-American Political Action Committee. Andrews is set to host a Facebook event in conjunction with this latest effort for her campaign, taking place on August 8th.

Charlotte Pence Bond joins Vice President to visit A Woman’s Place Medical Clinic

Charlotte Pence Bond followed the Vice President to Florida for a tour of a pregnancy center, a visit to a church, and a speech to a crowd about pro-life values and more. Vice President Pence celebrated the gains the Trump administration has made in its pro-life agenda and called for continued progress. Charlotte Pence Bond has been a positive voice among Christian-conservatives, and her attendance on the Vice President’s campaign engagements has solidified her role as a force for the next generation of the GOP.

Six Republican women upgraded to 2020 Young Guns Program

The National Republican Congressional Committee upgraded another round of candidates to the highest tier of the 2020 Young Guns program, including six women. The Young Guns program is dedicated to supporting House Republican candidates in their campaigns, requiring that candidates meet certain benchmarks to be considered one of three statuses: On the Radar, Contender, and Young Gun. These six women, Lauren Boebert (CO-03), Mariannette Miller-Meeks (IA-02), Victoria Spartz (IN-05), Yvette Herrell (NM-02), Lisa Scheller (PA-07), and Nancy Mace (SC-01), were elevated to the highest status of “Young Gun.” Several other female candidates were upgraded to the second and third-tier categories. Congratulations, ladies!

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