The March for Life is an annual rally to mobilize pro-life individuals in a public way. On Friday, January 18th, the world’s largest pro-life event will take to the streets of Washington, D.C.  once again. While the main event takes place in the nation’s capital, there are local marches all over the country, from Arizona to Maine and even in Canada. In honor of the walk, we wanted to talk to conservative women about why they are choosing to participate in the March for Life. People are pro-life for a variety of reasons, and the pro-life movement is not a monolith. Their stories are proof.

My faith is the largest reason why I am pro-life and why I support the March For Life. I firmly believe every human being has dignity starting from the moment they are conceived and we must continue to use our voices until this is a universally recognized truth. The March for Life is just one avenue where we can come together and raise awareness of our message while also educating our peers and demonstrating to our leaders the importance of life. Additionally, it lays the ground work for many people to continue spreading the message throughout the year and connects them with the resources needed, organizations in their community, and leaders who will help us change our current pro-abortion culture to one that is pro-life.  – Bailey

Working in the pro-life movement, in a historical context, is like working for William Wilberforce or MLK. The world will hate you until long after your work is done, but the work is too important to spent time worrying about whether people like you. – Lauren E. 

I’m attending March for Life because all life matters. If we say one life isn’t valued as much as another life, we begin to enter an extremely slippery slope. Every single person, in my opinion, is made in the eyes of God. If we decide that one is God’s creatures is not worthy of living, we are directly against how God tells us to live. – Kallie

I march because women deserve better than Planned Parenthood and . No woman should have to take the life of her child to get the life she wants. Abortion tells her she can’t do it. We march to remind her that she is strong, capable, and has real options.   – Lauren M

I am marching at the March for Life next week because as a pro-life feminist, I believe that women deserve better than abortion. The pro-choice side continuously says that abortion is empowering but there is nothing empowering in telling a woman that she has to chose between taking the life of her child and her dreams. There is nothing empowering in telling a woman that she is not strong enough to achieve her dreams with a child and therefore she must kill her child to be successful. Studies have shown that abortion is harmful to women, not just physically but mentally and women deserve far better than the violence of abortion. Women facing pregnancies deserve love, support, encouragement because women are stronger than abortion.Purity

Learn more about the March for Life on their website and join in however you can this Friday.

Aryssa D
FFL Cabinet Member