When life gets crazy and things don’t go exactly right, it is so easy to have a negative attitude. In these moments, we often fail to realize is that we are blessed beyond measure. We often fail to realize the blessings that are always present in lives, like the ability to walk. We will all have bad days when we are frustrated at the world, but at the end of the day, you are only taking away from your own happiness. I made the decision to take over my attitude when life gets hard by telling myself in these moments that it could always be worse. For example, it is frustrating when someone takes too long to reply to an important email at work, but at least they responded. I am also certain that I have emails at times that fall through the cracks and get lost. By having a positive attitude, my relationships, mental health and job performance have improved. Take a look below at 6 ways to brighten your mood when things are just not going right.

Go clean or organize

Organization and cleanliness makes my heart happy. Once I start, I will soon get lost in what I am doing and lose my frustrations. By doing the dishes or organizing my desk at work, I have a sense of accomplishment and then can tackle the obstacle that first made me frustrated.

Realize your blessings

We are so blessed every morning when we wake up for a multitude of reasons. We are healthy, have people who love and care about us and live in a safe area. Also, we live in the greatest country in the world and are free. My dad had cancer this past year, and thankfully beat it. When I was complaining about something at work recently, he said “and aren’t you glad I don’t have cancer anymore?” He put things in perspective. My troubles are so small, and I should recognize that there are others who are fighting bigger battles than me.

Do something you love and take your mind elsewhere

If I am frustrated about something at work, I often listen to one of the following podcasts; The Bobby Bones Show, 4 Things With Amy Brown or Life As She Knows It. By listening to a podcast, my mind is focusing on the great conversations and topics within the podcast. Maybe it is not a podcast for you, but try to find a way to escape and come back down.

Call a loved one

My precious grandmother is 88 years old, and is the only grandparent I and my fiance have left. When a day at work goes wrong, I often call my grandmother on my way home. Trust me, no person is more proud of you than your grandparents. I promise that after talking to one of your grandparents, you will feel better about yourself and your day.

Go for a walk

If you are frustrated and everything seems like it cannot go right, go take a 5 minute walk. Get your body moving. You will likely calm down and come to terms with whatever situation you are facing. Just feeling the sunshine on my face and being outside makes my mood improve almost instantly.

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Take 5-10 minutes to just sit and be

If I am overwhelmed with work and school, I will often sit on the couch and just be for 5-10 minutes. I turn off my phone and any electronics that may be on. I try my best to clear my mind and relax for a few minutes. When I do this, my frustrations have gone elsewhere and my mind is clear. It is can be hard to just be a for a few minutes, but it will help improve your mood.

Kallie B
When Kallie is not working full time trying to raise money, she is often studying how people process political messages. Powered with 2 undergraduate degrees, 1 graduate degree and now working towards a Ph.D., she has dived into the world of political communication and psychophysiological research. She is a 5th generation Texan, and has been in politics since she was 8 years old.