Color code your classes

As soon as I get my class schedule I write in my classes on each day for the entire semester. The best way to do it for organization is to color code all of them. I typically do pink for my favorite classes since that is my favorite color but whatever works for you. This makes it easier when writing down assignments later because you can write them directly next to the class you have already color coded. You can find colored pens at any local stationary store or where you find school supplies. You can find my favorite ones here.

Washi tape

This not only makes your planner look WAY cuter but helps to separate weeks in the monthly view or in daily views can separate mornings from afternoons. I use Washi tape to color the weekends when I know I will be away or have a big event coming up. The nice thing about Washi tape is that it is super cheap so it a more affordable way to make your planner more organized and cute. You can grab Washi tape at your local craft store or on websites like Amazon, find some here.


I am a firm believer you can never have to many stickers in a planner about your activities. I have ones for working out, for big tests, dentist appointments, you name it. Stickers are something that is more fun than just writing it. You can find basic ones at any craft store or Amazon like the ones here or more fancy and custom ones on Etsy like these.

Color code activities

If you already know what activities you will be in and when they meet, definitely color code them so you know what days and time you are busy. For example, I always had my Student Government events in orange and my tennis matches in green. That way, just by glancing in my planner I could tell by the colors what activities I had for the day.

Label everything

Even if you think, “Oh I’ll Remember That” label it anyways. There have been times when I did not write something in my planner and I regretted it. Label everyone’s birthdays and even lunch plans. It may seem like a pain at the time but it will be worth it when you are in the middle of exam week and forgot about your grandma’s birthday, Yikes!

Add motivational stickers to keep you going

It may seem time consuming to put stickers in your planner but it is worth it. When you are stressing out because you have two exams and a paper due that day and you read something about working hard it gives you a boost. 

Abby B