Football season is one of the greatest times of the year! It is a time for tailgating, great food, hanging out with friends and rooting for your home team. My college alma mater has a new head coach this year, and I cannot wait to see what happens. However, when preparing for football season, here are some must haves for any female college student/fan.

A clear small purse

Most college football stadiums now require all purses to be a certain size and clear. Make sure that you have a bag that meets the stadiums requirements. You do not want to be turned away at the gate because of your purse. 

A portable chargerFootball game days are often long, and can sometimes games can go on for hours. Make sure that you are prepared and have a portable charger. You do not want to be half way through the game with a dead phone. 

Cute sunglassesIf you are attending a football game, you know that a must have is a cute pair of sunglasses. Protect your eyes and enjoy the game. 

Comfortable shoes

One of the greatest mistakes I made in my early college football days was wearing booties to a game. Big mistake. My feet were killing me by the end of the first quarter. I try to wear my insoles in whatever shoes I decide to wear so I know my feet will be comfortable. 

A face tattoo One of the best things about college football season is the small college logo face tattoos. Make sure to not over do it, and just put one on your cheek. How cute!

SunscreenIf you are going to be standing outside rooting on your team for a few hours, make sure that you have an adequate amount of sunscreen. Even though it might not seem like the coolest thing to do, put on sunscreen. You will thank yourself the next day and in 50 years for taking care of your skin.

A good meal

If you are going to be outside at the game all day, you want to make sure that you are properly nourished to endure the long day. The food at the football game will likely be expensive. Make sure that you eat before the game.

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Kallie B
When Kallie is not working full time trying to raise money, she is often studying how people process political messages. Powered with 2 undergraduate degrees, 1 graduate degree and now working towards a Ph.D., she has dived into the world of political communication and psychophysiological research. She is a 5th generation Texan, and has been in politics since she was 8 years old.