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When I started my masters program back in August, it was my first time ever taking an online class. All thirty-six classes of my undergraduate career took place in a wood-paneled classroom or under-heated lecture hall, so an adjustment had to be made. I talked to a lot of people who had experience with online classes through multiple educational aspects. Now, I’m paying it forward. I have put together this list of seven essentials you’ll need for an online class. These items will help you stay organized when you don’t see your professor in person, find your groove in online studying, keep your body in shape, and actually get those papers written and those tests taken without distraction.

An adjustable book holderPerfect for taking notes as you read heavy textbooks. Plus, it folds flat for an on-the-go option.

NotebooksI recommend picking notebooks you’ll want to use that are cute, sturdy, and easily identifiable.

Pens that’ll allow you to color codeThis is especially useful if you’re balancing a full-time job and online classes like I am!

A mouse pad with wrist rest

Wrist and hand pain is real when you’re on a computer all day. I highly recommend this if you use a mouse!

A planner you can customize and use often

Honestly, self explanatory.

A flash drivePerfect for storage and making sure you don’t lose all your hard work.

The self control computer app

This is a major necessity  for controlling your distractions while writing papers, watching lectures, or taking online tests.

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