Being addicted to coffee is an absolute lifestyle. For me, it started with Starbucks. While I know many of my fellow coffee lovers are coffee snobs, I’m more of a coffee connoisseur and like to live the lifestyle as frequently as I can. That means a lot of bells and whistles and customized coffee cups and gadgets. The coffee lifestyle doesn’t stop. It pervades every aspect of your life. It starts as a morning cup of joe and soon coffee is your blood type. Then you’re getting coffee puns printed on t-shirts, socks, and wall art. It’s an addiction, but it’s a beautiful, tasty one. If you, like me, are a coffee addict, here are seven items you need, if you don’t already have them. If you’re just now beginning your coffee journey, these items are also a great place to start.

A reusable K-cup pod

I drink a lot of coffee every day, but I love my Keurig machine for its ease. I’m a single girl and I don’t want to drink an entire pot all at once. However, I know that the usual Keurig plastic pods are horrible for the environment. So if you’re a Keurig, convert but still care about the world, you need a reusable pod. You can fill it up with your favorite grounds, whether cheapies from Kroger or expensive ones imported from another continent last week.

A milk frother

Lattes are my weakness, but three Starbucks lattes a day can really put a dent in your budget. Just pouring coffee in your milk is not the same thing, trust me. I tried a lot of DIY methods like shaking up milk in a mason jar and boiling it on the stove, but the milk frother is a real game changer. They’re cheap, easy to clean, and will change your home latte experience for the better.

A mug warmer for your desk

I drink a lot of coffee, but sometimes time gets away from me and my coffee cools off before I can finish it. And I don’t want to be wasteful, so I end up nuking it in the microwave, but it’s never the same. This simple mug warmer plugs into your computer or your outlet, depending on your model. From there, you can flip it on to keep your coffee hot for hours. It’s a life-saver for when you get pulled away from your desk for a meeting that goes longer than you expected or a bathroom break.


A coffee bean grinder

Coffee snobs everywhere groan when you admit you don’t grind your own beans. Maybe, they have a point. But if you don’t own a grinder, it’s really hard to do. Upgrade with a coffee bean grinder to enhance your caffeinated experience. Then, you can get gifted tasty and expensive coffee beans as gifts for every holiday and actually use them.


A to-go cup you love

Another downfall of my Starbucks addiction was all the white cups I was contributing to a landfill somewhere. Upgrading to a reusable to-go cup was not only better for the environment, it allowed me to express myself. I got one of those $2 Starbucks reusable hot cups and had it personalized with my name. I know others who customize their to-go cups in their favorite colors, with funny puns, or even pictures of their loved ones. The possibilities are endless, and you’re helping the environment.

An FFL coffee mug

How could you be a conservative coffee lover and not have an FFL coffee mug? They’re great conversation starters and motivators. I personally love my Girl Boss and Goal Digger mugs and always get compliments on them. We also have more partisan GOP elephant mugs and ones that say “God is Great, Beer is Good, and Liberals are Crazy” so there’s something for everyone.

FFL Coffee and Politics Sticker

Half the fun of a coffee addiction is making puns out of it and advertising it to the world. FFL helps with that. We also know how to tie together coffee and politics because if you’re a coffee addicted politico, everyone needs to know.

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Aryssa D
FFL Cabinet Member