After months of planning and the whirlwind of the big day dies down, you might feel bored or let down and like all of the wedding excitement is completely over. However, once you return from your honeymoon, there are a few things to check off your list. Here are 7 things every bride should do upon coming home from the honeymoon. 

Change your name

Are you taking your husband’s last name? Depending on your state, it might look a little different. Once you have mailed your marriage license to your state’s Register of Deeds and they have processed it, you will need to order a few copies of it online. I recommend 3. They cost about $10.00 each. After they arrive, you will need to go to your local Social Security Administration office to file for a name change on your card. Once you receive your new SS card, you can now apply for a new driver’s license at your DPS or DMV office. Then, after your new license comes in the mail, you can now update your passport with your new name. There are a number of different avenues as to applying for a US Passport; some people go through their Congressional office or simply do it online. 

Make sure to bring copies of your marriage licence with you to all 3 government offices, as well as other official identification — both old and new. It is always better to be over prepared. 

Preserve your dress

After a fun night of dancing and dragging your beautiful dress across the dirty floor, it will need some major TLC. As soon as possible, take it to your trusted dry cleaner for a dry cleaning and preservation. They will often put your dress neatly in a box for safe keeping. 

Freeze the top tier of your cake

Freeze the top tier of your cake ASAP! In fact, I recommend that a family member can take it home from the reception and begin freezing it for you while you’re away on your honeymoon. Keeping it airtight and fully frozen will provide for a more delicious treat on your 1st anniversary.

Dry your bouquet

Pinterest has some oh so cute ideas to preserve your bridal bouquet. But first, you must dry them. Hanging your flowers upside down until fully dry and crunchy is the best and easiest way to get them ready for a project. Once dry, cut the blooms off and arrange them in a shadow box. It is a sweet way to have them for a lifetime. 

Write thank you notes

Writing thank you notes may not be your favorite thing, but it’s the least you can do for those who spent their time and money on your wedding day. Break it up by writing just a few a day. Don’t be afraid to have your new husband help you write them to make it less painful. Thank you notes are a dying trend that should not be lost to the past. 

Print your pictures 

Big bucks were spent on the photographer to cover your wedding day. Make sure to get your money’s worth and print out all of your pictures. Get your favorites printed on a big canvas or frame in a collage to hang in your home. Plus, wedding pictures make the best presents for family and close friends.

Enjoy being a newlywed

YAY! You just spent the majority of the past number of months planning every detail of your wedding. The stress, tension, and expense is now over. Enjoy spending time with your new spouse by sleeping in all weekend, a nice dinner out, a spontaneous road trip, or a do nothing day. You are only a newlywed once. Relax and savor it.

Makenzi C