So, you’re moving…but before you close the door on your old place and move into the new one, there are a couple things you need to take care of. A few months ago, I moved into a new place, had an excellent move out of my old, but quickly discovered that my house’s last tenant didn’t take care of a lot of things. They moved out over a month before I moved in, and they forgot to transfer several of their bills, set up mail forwarding, return the keys to the landlord, let him know about some problems with the house, and more. With that experience in my back pocket, since I’m still dealing with what they forgot, I’d like to offer some advice on what you absolutely must do before you move out of one place and into another.

Do a really deep clean

No one wants to leave a dirty house behind, right? Well no one wants to move into one either. Be a good tenet and steward and do a deep clean before you move out. Everyone will thank you and you may even find things you forgot!

Check every nook, cranny, and closet

Seriously, check everything. Drawers you swear you’ve never used. Behind the washing machine. IN THE WASHING MACHINE. The new tenets don’t want to find your old socks left behind in the dryer. Every nook, cranny, drawer and closet should be checked by everyone on the way out.

Turn off the bills you aren’t transferring

If you’ve been paying the electric bill at one place but are moving into a building where the electricity is covered, tell the company to turn it off, don’t just accumulate a bill that will take your credit score to the dumps. This goes for electricity, internet, water, trash pickup, whatever you’re paying. Don’t forget!

Set up mail forwarding

Why are the people who moved out of my apartment getting their tax stuff delivered six months later? Because they’re dumb and didn’t set up mail forwarding. It’s simple, I promise. Go to the post office and do it around a week before you move, just to be safe. After that, still let the people who send you mail know your new address, so they can update their systems. Also update your shipping address on Amazon!

Write down any problems you’re leaving behind

Don’t leave surprises for the next person. If the chain on the door is broken, don’t assume your landlord will notice. Put it in writing. This helps them out and keeps you from being charged for something later on.

Leave the keys

Seriously, leave them. Don’t make the landlord have to re-key because she’s worried you might break back in or something. Give the new tenets a fresh start. Plus, it’s a great way to make sure you get your deposit back.

Aryssa D
FFL Cabinet Member