1. These past few years President Bush has received attention for his wild sock choices. President Bush has been photographed in many striped and patriotic socks as well as socks with cactus, collegiate logos, NFL teams, and even socks that had his face on them. During an interview with his granddaughter Jenna Bush Hager he stated, “I’m a sock man.”  Even the GOP Store has created fun socks with his signature on them to fundraise for the RNC. No matter the occasion, everyday or historical, President Bush can most likely be found in some show stopping socks.


2. President Bush and Presidents Clinton friendship has been widely speculated on, is it sincere or is it all for show? In 2014, President Clinton was interviewed regarding his friendship for a Fox News Special and he had nothing but great things to say about President Bush. President Clinton describes the first time he met President Bush then Vice President at his home in Maine. President Clinton had brought his three year old daughter Chelsea with him and upon introduction she demanded to use the restroom in which President Bush took her hand and showed her the way. Both Presidents have partnered together after multiple natural disasters to fundraise and unite the country together in a time of tragedy. President Clinton admired that, “he was a conservative but he was open to argument” and “was a genuinely good man.” Though very different in political views they remain friends and The Bush’s still refer to President Clinton as the black sheep son who strayed from the fold.


3. President George H.W. Bush likes to maintain an adventurous lifestyle no matter his age. While he is no stranger to jumping out planes his first being when his fighter jet was shot down over a pacific island in 1944 he does test the limits with being 90 years old now. President Bush went skydiving for his 75th, 80th, and 85th birthday so you can imagine it was no surprise when his son President Bush received the call that his father planned to do it for his 90th as well. Strapped to Sergeant Mike Elliot he took a leap and proved to us all that fun and adventure does not have an age limit.

U.S. President George H. Bush gestures while heading toward a helicopter at the White House, Thursday, Sept. 10, 1992. The president was going to Detroit to address the Detroit Economic Club. The president is flanked by Christina Martin of the speech-writing office, left, and assistant press Secretary Judy Smith. Officials billed Thursday?s address in Detroit as a major statement of economic policy. (AP Photo/Barry Thumma)

4. It is no secret that President Bush is known to be a prankster. Judy Smith was President Bush’s special assistant and deputy press secretary during majority of his time in The White House. The character Olivia Pope on the hit show Scandal is actually based off of Ms. Smith’s work as a “fixer”. When the storyline for Scandal began being developed and it was brought to Ms. Smith’s attention that it would be around a Presidents affair with a fixer, Ms. Smith wanted to get ahold of President Bush so he would be aware of the story  and they could get a handle on it when the press found out. Rather than being angry of what this story implies President Bush left a voicemail for Ms. Smith saying, “Love you, Want you, You left me, and by the way this is the former leader of the free world call me.” President Bush joked that confirming this “affair” would give him a way to stay relevant. Ms. Smith of course thought it was hilarious but stated this is indeed why she thought he could use her talking points.


5. President Bush’s adventures do not end with jumping out of planes. He continues to enjoy boating off the coast of Kennebunkport, Maine with friends, family, or even for some peace and quiet. He enjoys a fast boat but one that still allows for some fishing and relaxation out on the water. People close to President Bush always are saying how much he treasures his boat and the memories he has made on it. No matter his age he still finds the time and energy for one of his favorite pastimes.


6. With one of his seventeen grandkids being a TODAY Show Correspondent Jenna Bush Hager gives an inside look to the Bush family interviewing her grandfather asking heartfelt questions relating to lessons he has learned and memories from the past. Mrs. Hager professes that her grandfather’s constant pretending that he can’t hear her really bothers her. President Bush’s reasoning, “to keep you on the ball”. No matter all of his accomplishments the joy you can see on his face at home in Maine with friends and family is priceless.


7. In 2013 President Bush was informed that the son of one of his secret service agents had been diagnosed with leukemia. In a show of support to Patrick and his family over 20 secret service agents shaved their head. When President Bush found out about this act of support he insisted on shaving his head as well. Mrs. Bush said that when Patrick’s mother pulled up and saw all of these bald man there including President Bush she began crying. Leukemia is a personal connection to the Bush family as President and Mrs. Bush’s daughter Robin died at 3 years old from the disease. The Bush family has long said that the secret service men and women are like family to them.


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