Growing up is hard, and that fact of life really rears its ugly head when it’s Christmas time and you’re trying to make a list of the things you want to receive as gifts and you’re really struggling. As someone who is about to graduate from college and move into the real world all alone, I’m really trying to be logical and decisive in my gift asking and ask for “adult presents.” That has required me to learn what “adult presents” even are. It’s all about making that transition from asking for the latest crop tops and VS Pink sweatpants and asking for things that will help you live your adult life easier and more effectively. Here are eight things that “adults” or “soon to be adults” should ask for this Christmas, based on extensive research and a lot of asking around.

Stand mixers

If you are already living on your own and enjoy baking and cooking, consider asking for a stand mixer this Christmas. They’re expensive enough that we often don’t want to buy them for ourselves, but they can really revolutionize your kitchen experience.

A new wallet

A good wallet cannot be understated. If yours has seen better days, it’s time to ask for a new one. Go for quality over fashion. Let someone invest in your future by investing in a good wallet that will last you for years to come and won’t leave you ashamed when you have to pull it out at a work lunch.


If you’re about to move into your first apartment and start your first big girl job, ask for a crockpot! It’s the perfect starter kit for a kitchen. You’ll be able to have dinner waiting when you come home every night. It’ll also open a whole new world of food prep for you that will keep you from eating sandwiches in the break room every day.

Clothes they can wear to work

I love a good pair of pajama pants as much as the next girl, but as I’ve gotten older I’ve realized I need to stock my closet with clothes I can wear to work and be proud of. This means business pants and blouses and blazers, not sweatpants and crop tops and leggings.  Yes, it’s sad that as we get older the more we want clothes for Christmas, but make sure they are clothes that you can wear to work and put to good use as you establish your career.

Coffee mugs

Coffee mugs are an adults best friend, especially coffee mugs that can be transported and make it along the commute to the office while keeping the drink warm. A good coffee mug is a great gift for adults who are still in college or already in the workforce because we’ve all got a caffeine addiction and it’s not going anywhere anytime soon.

A good watch

I never wore a watch until I got to college. It has now became a necessity in my life. Investing in a good watch, one that you can wear every day and that is durable but fashionable, is a great idea. I actually recommend shying away from a smart watch because it might distract you at work, but if you think it will work for you, put it on your list.

Coffee machines

No one can really afford to go to Starbucks or Dunkin every morning, so ask for a good coffee maker, like a Keurig or Nespresso, that will make at home coffee brewing a breeze. It’s great for college students and working adults and comes in a variety of colors. You can stock it with pods for every beverage imaginable, including coffee, tea, hot chocolate, etc.

Gift cards

Many people view giving gift cards as a cop out for those who can’t think of a good gift, but when you become an adult, a specific gift card for a service can be the best gift! Forgo Amazon gift cards or Visa gift cards. Think about gift cards for an oil change, gas from a local station, a gift card for a manicure or pedicure, etc. Think about what you really need and ask for a gift card for it if it’s not something that can be easily wrapped.

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Aryssa D
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