One in eight women will develop invasive breast cancer. The American Cancer Society expects 252,710 new cases of breast cancer, 63,410 new CIS (carcinoma in situ which is the earliest form of breast cancer) cases, and 40,610 women will die. These numbers are staggering.

3.1 million. That is the number of breast cancer survivors.

Breast Cancer Awareness Month is a month of raising awareness and raising funds to support breast cancer research. This is a month that means a lot to so many people whether they have been personally affected or know someone who has been diagnosed with breast cancer.

1) Educate yourself

One of the best ways to show your support of breast cancer awareness month is to become familiar with the statistics and sharing these on social media. Sharing articles about the research numbers associated with breast cancer or even sharing an article on how to conduct an at-home self exam is something that could save a life.

2) Donate

One of the easiest ways of showing you support is by donating any amount of money to go towards breast cancer research or even places that screen for free. Do your research to see where the money you will be donating will go. Breast Cancer Research Foundation is a great choice, 91% of the money goes towards research and awareness programs. Donate here

3) Get the Think Pink FFL Twibbon

The Twibbon is an easy way to show your support for breast cancer awareness month by turning your profile pictures pink with a few easy steps. Get it here

4) Shop “Think Pink” with FFL

FFL released a line of all things pink to support breast cancer awareness month. Best part? 50% of what you spend goes straight to the Breast Cancer Research Fund. Find everything from sweatshirts to cups, t-shirts to watches. FFL is ready to help you paint it pink for breast cancer.

5) Pink ribbons

Let’s spread the awareness by handing out pink ribbons. The pink ribbon is one of the most recognizable cancer campaigns in the world and it’s a beautiful reminder that the support for people with breast cancer and breast cancer survivors is unending.

6) Chemo care packages

Create your own care package for those going through chemotherapy. Include things like gift cards, scarves, lip balm, peppermints, knitted hats, socks, healing ointments, lotion, hand sanitizer, soft pajamas, and letters of encouragement. Also include entertainment objects like word searches, books, iTunes gift cards, DVD’s, magazines, or a devotional. Contact your local hospitals or oncologists to see what they think would be best and how to hand them out.

7) Raising money through events

Raising money by putting together an event, like a car wash or a bake sale, and asking for donations is a wonderful way to show your support. Even something as simple as matching what another person gives. The smallest amount of money helps.

8) Volunteer

Find a breast cancer awareness event and volunteer. Not only is this cost effective but you come face to face with reality of cancer from seeing current patients, meeting survivors, or hearing the stories of the lives we have lost.

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Breast Cancer Awareness month means so much to many of us. Whether you are wearing a pink ribbon everyday, donating what little you can, or changing your profile picture on Facebook, every little bit matters.

No one fights breast cancer alone.

Let’s Think Pink.

For Breast Cancer Awareness Month, our organization is donating 50% of our net proceeds from our Think Pink line to Breast Cancer Research Foundation. Please consider supporting this cause by shopping our breast cancer awareness line. To shop, click here.

Caroline C.
FFL Cabinet Member
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