Conservation is cool kids, and we’re not letting the left control the narrative anymore. Being a conservative means conserving the environment as well, and while there are many ways to do that in our daily lives, saving the bees is the new catchphrase that is sweeping the nation. Bees have been demonized for awhile now, but bees serve a crucial role in the ecosystem. Bees are pollinators, and without pollinators plants don’t get pollinated. The overuse of pesticides in many areas is killing the bees, and there isn’t anything stepping in to do the jobs bees had been doing. For the record, bees, for the most part, are harmless. They don’t want to sting you anymore than you want to be stung. Bees are a necessity for a happy and healthy environment and when we lose the bees, we lose so much more. What can do you to help save the bees? Well, you can plant native wildflowers and fruit trees and let them thrive. Let the bees land and pollinate. Support local farms. Buy locally sourced honey. And most importantly, spread your desire to save the bees far and wide. A great way to do that is with bee-centered items. They’ll get the conversation going wherever you go.

We all have that friend who wants to save the bees, and these nine gifts are perfect for them, or for you if you’re just starting your bee loving journey.

A pave bee necklace

An adjustable bee bangle 

Knee high bee socks

A book about bees

A hive-shaped bumble bee mug

A bee shaped cosmetic case


A bumble bee wax seal

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Aryssa D
FFL Cabinet Member