Every day we hear about guns doing evil and killing people. What we don’t hear often is the part about guns saving lives, and protecting people. Here are nine times legal gun owners saved lives or stopped crimes.

1) Louisville, Kentucky

A ​Louisville man heard unfamiliar sounds from his home. He found an unknown man breaking into his property. Scared for his and his family’s safety, the man, a legal gun owner, fired his gun, killed the burglar, and stopped the crime.

2) St. Pauls, North Carolina 

A St. Paul’s ​woman left her house mid-morning to run an errand. When returning home, she found an unknown car in her driveway. Carefully entering the home with a legally owned pistol in her hand, she came face to face with an unknown man with some of her things in his hands. Fearing for her life, she fired at the intruder, ending the burglary. The police determined the homeowner acted in self defense.

3) Warren, Michigan

When a valet parking supervisor in Warren, ​Michigan heard a woman screaming nearby, he ran toward the screams. He found a woman being stabbed multiple times at a GM facility by another woman. The valet supervisor drew his legally carried firearm, pointed it at both women and kept them in place for responding police, stopping the knife attack in the process. The stabbing victim was hospitalized in the ICU with multiple stab wounds. The valet employee’s supervisor immediately fired him for carrying a pistol during work hours in violation of his employment agreement. This decision was quickly overturned by the company.

4) White Center, Washington

A customer with a concealed carry permit reportedly shot and killed a man who entered a convenience store and began attacking people with a ​hatchet​. The police said they are grateful the regular customer was present when the attack occurred. A clerk at the store reported that a masked man entered the store and immediately began to swing a hatchet toward a customer before turning his attention towards the clerk. The attacker did not speak during the attack, according to witnesses. The clerk suffered minor stomach injuries, but at that time, a customer armed with a firearm shot and killed the suspect. Police said the shooter doesn’t appear to have done anything wrong and they were happy he was present.

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5) Chicago, Illinois 

An ​Uber driver put his concealed carry permit to use when he shot at a man he saw firing a gun into a group of people. Six shots from his gun injured the 22-year-old attacker, Everardo Custodio. Custodio suffered wounds to his shin, knee and lower back. The 47-year-old Uber driver “was acting in self-defense and in the defense of others,” Assistant State’s Attorney Barry Quinn said. The Uber driver had dropped off a passenger minutes before the shooting happened, said Uber spokeswoman Jen Mullin. She had no comment on the driver’s actions other than to say the company requires all its drivers to abide by local, state and federal laws pertaining to transporting firearms in vehicles. The Uber driver is a registered gun owner who has a concealed carry license.

6) Harrisburg, Pennsylvania

When an unknown ​man approachesd a women in a Walmart parking lot, he told her to get into the car and drive or he would stick her with something that gave her HIV. She complied not knowing what else there was to do. Thankfully, as she approached a red light, another woman got out of her vehicle and pointed a gun at the suspect. He quickly got out of the car and fled. Police tracked him down and took him into custody. 45-year-old Michael Ortiz is being charged with robbery of a motor vehicle and kidnapping among other offenses. Ortiz is believed to have stolen from the Walmart. He was being chased by security guards when he attempted the kidnapping and car theft. When he was stopped at the red light, the woman with a concealed carry permit told him to exit the vehicle. During this time, she allegedly fired a single shot, but it is unknown as to whether Ortiz was hit.  Ortiz was captured after an extensive manhunt. Police used a helicopter and K-9 units to track Ortiz and arrest him. He has prior convictions related to larceny and other charges.

7) Houston, Texas

Concealed carry permit holder ​Byron Wilson drew his handgun and engaged with a mass shooter in Texas possibly saving lives at great risk to his own. An Army veteran who accomplished multiple tours in Afghanistan opened fire in Houston, killing two people and wounding six more before being killed by the responding SWAT officers and after Bryan Wilson had saved the many surrounding witnesses. What many news outlets seemed to not go over during their reporting of attack is that the veteran’s attack, carried out with an AR-15 variant, showed that the weapon was anything but “high-powered.” Six of the eight people shot, with the most common rifle sold in the United States, survived the attack. One of those survivors, Byron Wilson, was a concealed carry holder who drew his handgun.

8) Clackamas, Oregon

In Oregon, three innocent lives were lost, but the result most likely would have been worse if not for ​Nick Meli, who had a concealed carry permit. Meli was in the mall when the gunman opened fire. He pulled out his weapon, but did not shoot the gunman because there were bystanders who could have been injured. The gunman saw Meli, an armed citizen, and rather than shoot more innocents, he pointed his weapon at himself. No one knows how many lives Meli may have saved by pulling his weapon.

9) Spartanburg, South Carolina

On June 12, a Muslim terrorist attacked a gay nightclub called Pulse in Orlando, Florida. He killed 49 and wounding 53 in a three-hour attack that was the nation’s deadliest domestic terror attack since 9/11. June 26, exactly two weeks to the day after the Pulse attack, there was a mass ​shooting outside a nightclub in South Carolina. The attempted murderer was unsuccessful in killing any of his victims. Why? The attempted murderer was stopped by a concealed carry holder at the club drawing his weapon, shooting him in the leg.

Each year, concealed carry holders stop crimes. In fact, they save possibly hundreds of lives in the process. Fifty seven percent of felons are more worried about having a run in with an armed victim than having a run in with the ​police​. Start looking at firearms as defense mechanisms because it’s the unarmed that are more likely to become the victim.

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