From Carly Fiorina running for President, to Condoleezza Rice becoming the first African American woman to become Secretary of State, to Nikki Haley taking names at the UN, conservative women have so many strong and poised women to look up to and admire. Role models are important figures in growing in our confidence and in our own professional development. Whether it’s handling backlash, finding work-life balance, or beating the odds, we can learn a lot from them. Who do young conservative women look up to? I asked nine young women.

Rachel P., Maine 

I am particularly inspired by Carly Fiorina, because of her work within Opportunity International; an organization that aims to end poverty through entrepreneurship in third world countries. I especially admire her dedication to giving women a “hand up, not a hand out.”

Karly M., Pennslyvania

I am extremely inspired by Dana Perino because she broke an immense glass ceiling by becoming the first Republican woman to become White House Press Secretary. Since then, she’s been able to transition to a successful journalistic career on Fox News. She is a common-sense conservative who is open to other viewpoints and articulates her own ideas in a respectful, productive way. I think everyone can learn something from the professional and poised way that she conducts herself. Plus, she’s the proud mom of America’s Dog, Jasper

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Caroline C., North Carolina

Of course women like Margaret Thatcher and Nikki Haley immediately pop into my mind but the prominent conservative woman that has inspired me from the moment I started my political journey was Condoleezza Rice. Former Secretary of State Rice came from humble beginnings in Birmingham, Alabama, who got into politics at the University of Denver studying political science after finding her passion in international relations. This ambitious young woman became the first African American woman to become Secretary of State. Condoleezza Rice is known for her knowledge on a wide range of topics and her quiet demeanor. She doesn’t strive for the limelight or for power; she would rather be behind the scene making a difference. I read her autobiography and she immediately became a role model for me. She is someone that every young conservative should learn about.

Joleen T., New Jersey

Sandra Day O’Connor is someone that I look up to both for her values and for her steadfast dedication to the law. O’Connor was seen as a moderate conservative, one that firmly believed in the advancement of women, and the equal distribution of the rule of law under the U.S. Constitution. She was someone that was not afraid to go against the status quo if that norm impinged on her freedoms as an individual, but she also was unconstrained by party politics. She ruled in favor of the intentions of the Constitution, and that is something I admire her for. Being the first woman elected to the Supreme Court, she faced adversity, and overall all obstacles to become a pillar for women who aspire to enter the legal field. Her story inspires me to work hard and never give up on my goals.

Katie Z., Ohio

There are many prominent conservative women who inspire me, but my biggest inspiration is probably Katie Pavlich. Katie Pavlich inspires me not only because she is my namesake, but also because she holds the career, I one day hope to hold. Because of our many similarities she inspires me not to give up on my dreams. Katie Pavlich is an editor for Townhall and a Fox News contributor. Katie is also the author of several books including “Assault and Flattery and “Fast and Furious.” Katie is a strong supporter of 2nd amendment rights especially as a preventative method of real sexual assault of women, as she outlines in her book “Assault and Flattery.” Amongst our many similarities Miss Pavlich and I also hold similar beliefs on key issues, yet another reason why she inspires me in pursuing the career of my dreams!

Bailey L., Wisconsin

Nikki Haley. She has shown with grace and poise what a strong, conservative woman looks like. For young women across the country, she is a daily example of how a woman can balance motherhood and a successful career. Her ability to stand up to other nations and for our own and still stay true to her values makes her an inspiration. In a time where many are willing to give in easy, she stands her ground. 

Jennifer Schoewe, Ohio

Dana Loesch has particularly inspired me lately because her passion, patriotism, boldness, and values almost entirely reflect those of my own. She is a spokesperson for the NRA, an honor I strive to have one day. I emulate her fierce independence and empowerment through education, firearms, and relentlessly battling mainstream rhetoric that seeks to undermine truth and strip Americans of our liberties. When I am attacked by progressivism, I stand resolute in my values and counter with facts over feelings, just like Dana.

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Liana I., New Jersey

Dana Perino has always been a personal role model, both personally and professionally. Both her conduct in professional settings and her character are strong examples for young women. I have always admired the way she speaks; her words have purpose, and it is clear that there is a great deal of thought behind everything she shares. She carries herself well and constantly exudes an air of grace and poise — qualities completely contrary to most people involved in politics today. She has been incredibly successful in her professional career, specifically as White House Press Secretary under President George W. Bush. And rather than basking in her success, she gives back: she takes hold of opportunities to share pearls of wisdom with young professionals and she is involved in charity work as well. She is a woman of grace, class, and strength — every woman can learn from her example.

Isabel B., Colorado

Without a doubt, the conservative woman that inspires me the most is the United States’ Ambassador to the United Nations, Nikki Haley. Ambassador Haley refuses to accept our nation’s narrative that to be a strong woman, one must be a strong liberal. In particular, Ambassador Haley’s bravery in standing with President Trump’s plan to move our Israeli embassy to Jerusalem highlights what it truly means to be a strong female leader. In that moment, she faced the entire world against her, but persisted in holding true to her values regardless of popularity. I dream of having just a sliver of the confidence Ambassador Haley brings to the United Nations when I enter into public service. It brings me so much hope to know that women like Ambassador Haley are stepping up into positions of conservative leadership and proving to the world that conservatives are certainly not all old, white, men.

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