Being involved in politics is time consuming and often stressful. We spend a lot of time defending our positions and promoting our ideas. But this doesn’t mean we don’t get annoyed. In fact, we often burn out at the end of the day because someone at some point during the day committed the crime of saying something that is a major pet peeve of ours. So here is a list of some of the most annoying political pet peeves:

1) Assuming that because you’re a Republican, you want Trump.

We’ve all encountered the people that will say “Oh so you support Trump?” right after we say that we’re Republican. Believe it or not, people, there are other candidates in the field that have my attention and that I like more than I like Trump. Unlike the Democratic nominees, it’s not one or the other because we actually have a few choices.

2) People sending you “facts” and links from very liberal organizations.

We all know those people that will argue for the sake of arguing but they send you links to Mother Jones or Salon, or even links to a Tumblr page (yes, this does happen). These are the people that actually get their news from Tumblr so in the words of Ronald Reagan, “It isn’t so much that liberals are ignorant. It’s just that they know so many things that aren’t so.”

3) People telling you that you’re brainwashed or that you hate yourself.

This line is all too common on social media. “Republican women, why do you hate yourself?” usually followed by “you’re brainwashed by the patriarchy.” What’s funny is that when a guy is saying this, it’s usually implying that because we’re women, we can’t think for ourselves so we’re brainwashed which is misogynistic but, ya know, feminism. This is something we can’t help but laugh at because if being a conservative or libertarian was easy, we wouldn’t be constantly shouted down, dehumanized, and laughed at.

4) People thinking you don’t know what you’re talking about when you’re using facts.

This is a common pet peeve for people who are involved with politics talking to people who aren’t involved with politics. These people who have never taken a political science class that think they know everything about everything so when you got on your rant, they question everything you said like “Well how do you know that actually happened?” Well probably because it’s well-documented in this thing we call congressional votes and laws being passed or this document called the Constitution. These people can make your fuse seem shorter and shorter.

5) The people who post on Facebook who have no clue what they’re talking about.

This pet peeve is the one we rant to our political friends the most. We probably all shared the “Socialism Isn’t Cool” article from FFL and we all had some random person from back in high school comment saying that we have no idea what socialism actually is even though the article perfectly shows that we know what it is about.

6) When people take your disdain for a candidate as a personal attack

This is often a problem amongst fellow conservatives. People think that saying “I don’t like Ben Carson for president” is a personal attack when it’s not. They take it extremely personal even though it had nothing to do with them. This is a problem that needs to be addressed because it leads to my next pet peeve.

7) Conservative in-fighting

This is one of my biggest pet peeves. I hate when I see fellow conservatives fighting when there are so many bigger problems than your two favorite candidates or politicians fighting each other. There is a time and place for civil debates but getting super heated on social media isn’t going to make either of you look good.

8) Unfulfillable promises

This is a pet peeve about politicians. We all get here them promise things we know they can’t really get done. But it is specifically even more annoying when people completely buy into the promises and truly believe that the candidate is going to fix that problem or that the politician will go to Washington and fix the problem the first day they get there. We know that making promises is part of the political game but it does get very annoying.

9) Stereotyping Republicans

We’re all angry, white rich Christian Republicans, right? Wrong. Republicans come from all differently background, we’re diverse, we’re usually happier than Democrats, and not everyone is a Christian. I find that all of these stereotypes as laughable but when we try to prove them wrong, we’re seen as “trying too hard.” This is something that we’re all used to but it’s 2016, it’s time for identity politics to die.

10) Thinking that all Republicans think the same way

I know so many pro-choice Republicans, pro-gay marriage Republicans, and so forth. But somehow Democrats have this habit of throwing us all into the same basket but here’s the truth for all those Democrats, the GOP is infinitely more accepting of people not thinking the same way because you can be pro-choice and a Republican and it really won’t change what side they are on. The GOP isn’t a one size fits all, sorry not sorry.

11) That Republicans should hate Libertarians and Libertarians should hate Republicans.

I find this pet peeve mostly on social media and it is extremely frustrating. Republicans need to realize that your greatest allies are Libertarians and Independents. And Libertarians and Independents need to stop stereotyping Republicans in the way that Democrats do.  Libertarians are friends.

12) Assuming that I’m anti-woman because I’m pro-life.

This is also a giant pet peeve. Being pro-life is not anti-woman. In fact, being pro-life is pro-woman. We believe in the power of women to look after a child and be able to provide with the help of others if necessary. We believe in protecting the life to innocent; especially when the women could potentially be future doctors, lawyers, musicians, astronauts, inventors, or engineers.

13) “Who are you voting for now?” when your candidate drops out.

I haven’t had to go through this yet but we were all pretty guilty of asking the supporters of Rand Paul who they were going to vote for now that Rand Paul is out of the race. And they all had the same reaction “This just happened…give us time.” You really can’t blame them. There is a mourning process we all kind of go through, but when a candidate we like drops out we can’t help but not want to throw our support behind someone immediately. Give people time because a lot of us activists actually volunteer for the campaigns or work really hard to get that person elected so when it all comes crashing down, it isn’t a good feeling.

14) “Republicans are anti-science”

We have all heard this a million times so it’s naturally going to be on the list of pet peeves. Science works in our favor in every argument we make. Economics is backed by facts and science. Being pro-life is backed by science. We need to stop letting people say we are anti-science when everything we believe is rooted in science and fact.

15) People not understanding that nothing is free.

This is the last on the list because it’s seriously the one pet peeve we all have right now. We’re all getting frustrated by the people who think everything is free when we know its not. There is not such thing as free. Anything the government gives to you was taken from someone else (anyone who denies this is obviously anti-fact). This is a cycle of entitlement we need to break.

We all suffer from these and when we experience one, we are most likely going to text our best friends or turn to our significant other to vent to. And the best part of Future Female Leaders is knowing that you’re not alone. Even though we’re fighting the good fight, we do get annoyed sometimes. And that’s okay.