News is constantly breaking and ever changing, it is imperative to know what is happening in the world around us. Don’t perpetuate ignorance by remaining uninformed, combat it and stay relevant by constantly seeking to know more.

You’ve probably had those days, we all do. You’re running late, you hit the snooze button on your alarm one too many times, you rush out the door- unfortunately you’re highly unequipped for the day. You get to work/class and everyone is talking about what happened yesterday with either the presidential election, some new information regarding Hills and her e-mails, a new type of drug that is supposed to be the cure all or some mind boggling situation that you could have never imagined happening. You hear your coworkers/peers talking about it to one another and you try so hard to grasp the gist of what they are saying so that you can contribute to the conversation. After all, you are the go to individual for all things politics and news. However, it’s difficult to formulate an educated opinion on someone else’s interpretation of what is happening in the world around us.

Fear not and worry no more! We have the list of news apps that allow you to get notifications in real time. Feel free to peruse notifications and articles while sipping on your morning coffee! So go ahead and sleep in an extra fifteen minutes or have that extra cup of coffee, you can still be the most informed person around for miles.

1. SmartNews

SmartNews partners with large news corporations (such as: NBC, Medium, VICE, AP, USA Today, TIME and many more) to bring you trending stories. Hailed as the “one-minute news app with zero loading time”, by both the makers of Smart News and users. SmartNews is also the winner of multiple “App of the year awards” which makes this one a strong candidate to deserve a place on your home screen.

2. Linkedin Pulse

By logging in with your LinkedIn account, Pulse is a great way to connect with your professional world as it allows you to read what your network is reading. Over time the app becomes tailored to fit your taste and continuously updates you on news from your industry. For those with a smart watch, it is compatible and makes sure you don’t lose your place in an article, even when your watch is idle.

3. CNN App

CNN was the first 24-hour cable news channel, and the app essentially is a condensed version of their website. Videos account for a major part of this app, so if you prefer to watch your news, as opposed to reading it, no matter where you are, this one’s for you.

4. Fox News

The Fox News app allows for following of real-time reporting of the hottest news stories. A great feature of the app includes the Live Video Streaming and coverage of major events as they are reported on the Fox News channel. You can also set notification alerts for breaking news and watch the Breaking News Hub to follow a story as it unfolds. The weather of your devices location is shown along with any videos/articles you saved. Here you will find everything from politics, Fox Business, entertainment, tech, health, travel, world and lifestyle.

5. NYTimes

Every morning, you can click on the Top Stories tab and receive your morning briefing. Here you can find everything you need to know to start your day. Along with Top Stories, you’ll find: Most Popular, Opinion, World, U.S., Business Day, Sports, Arts, New York, Magazine and a Video section. The NYT allows you to turn on notifications for both the Morning Briefing and Breaking News. This app allows users to view ten articles a month for free, not including the morning briefing. If you find this to be your favorite app, you have the option to subscribe to the NYTimes and pay $9.99 a month to receive unlimited access on all of your devices.

6. Fox News 2016 Election HQ

This election cycle especially is an important time to have a breaking news app solely for updates on what is happening in the midst of this roller coaster ride we are on. This election has pulled at our heart strings and leaves many of us in a frenzy. This one-stop election headquarter also allows for you to set up notifications to stay sharp and always have something to talk about.

Give these apps a try, most work for both iPhone and Android devices. It is best to download a few in order to test them out to see which you prefer. Take your pick and avoid meaningless small talk- bring up the current state affairs, broaden your mind and formulate opinions you believe in.

Ann-Hunter C
FFL Cabinet Member